Pizza Tycoon trainer

Pizza Tycoon trainer

Pizza Tycoon trainer

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        Pizza Tycoon (MicroProse) CRACK & Money Trainer/File
          Released: 03/30/95            <1 - 1.44mb disks
          SUPPLIER: RZR               PROTECTION: N/A
          CODER: Misha                PACKAGER: Misha
          VIDEO: N/A                  AUDIO: N/A
          TYPE: CRK/TRN exe-patch     RATING: [xxxxxxxxxx]
                          Release notes:
        This is an updated version of CRACK/TRAINER/CHEAT FILE
        for the *FINAL* release of Pizza Tycoon (by RZR).
        It should work with GNS release too, but it wasn only
        tested with RAZOR's release.
        Running the trainer/crack: type PTF-TRN press ENTER.
        Hit F1, hit F7 and/or press ENTER to patch the .EXE.
        F1: enabling this option will add money to your total
        amount each time you buy/rent items. This way you can
        build up a capital by spending money on rent/ads/loans.
        The initial sum of money is still the same but now you
        don't worry about spending anymore..
        F7: protection. There indeed was a protection in the
        game, which showed up when baking standard pizzas.
        [ Thanks to Jak Flak for telling me about it! ]
        Use F7 to remove it.
        =>> Info About The C0E.CHR Cheat File:
        This is a modified character file, to be copied into
        your PIZZACHR directory.
        It will overwrite Jonathan Japes' (backup that file),
        but you'll have a new (perfect!) character with over
        $4M to start!I'm sure you'll recognize the name. ;)
        P.S. to GNS: what do you mean there's no conventional
        protection in the game?? You need the manual to play
        the game (to create pizzas) -- wouldn't that be
        considered *protection*?
        Greetings RZR, UCF, AXiS, DoD, GNS, TRSi, SCuM
                              mAIN cOUNCEL
          President/coder/packager - The Punisher
          Senior coordinator/coder/packager - Nut Case
          Senior Cracker/coder - Misha
          Senior courier/distro cooridnator - Captain Blood
         The Punisher, Misha, Conio [PPE'S]
                      -=INFINITY=- PPE Division
         Genocide and PSA are no longer part of Infinity!
                       tHE iNSANE cOURIERS nETWORK
                            SPREADING TEAM
               THiRD SoN, Bush Whacker, Quantum Mechanic,
            Alien Son, Criminal Behaviour, Maximum Carnage,
          Cannonball, Shades, Lone Wolf, Lord Viper, Jak Flak
  Board:                    Nodes/Speed    Sysop:         Aff:
  The Insane Asylum -=TIA=-   2 / 288    - Nut Case       WHQ
  The Punishers Warzone       1 / 288    - The Punisher   HQ App site
  Flying Cows Castle          3 / 288    - Bilbo          NEHQ
  RockCreek                   3 / 288    - THiRD SON      SEHQ
  Motor Death                 3 / 288    - KX80           CHQ
  Gangland Chicago           10 / 288    - GLC Staff      Member Brd
  Black Opium                 2 / 288    - Evilive        Dist Site
  Mystical Runes              2 / 288    - Lord Viper     Dist Site
  Jokers Place                2 / 288    - The Joker      Dist Site
  BiG BoBBER's                2 / 288    - Alien Son      Dist Site
  The Apoclypse               4 / 288    - Skunk          Dist Site
  Your Board Here!            ? / 288    - Kuel Sysop     Dist Site
iNFiNiTY is still accepting new members. If you feel that you can contribute,
call Punisher's Warzone to apply 201-458-1280. Answer the info form, and
you will be contacted.  *Lamers, slow traders need not bother*


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