Deviance Shadowgrounds (+5 Trainer)

Shadowgrounds (+5 Trainer)
Shadowgrounds (+5 Trainer)


Shadowgrounds (+5 Trainer)

Text file description:

                         RELEASER  AKTIONS  FRONT
   -= P R E S E N T S =-
             Shadowgrounds (c) 2005 Frozenbyte +6 Trainer
        Author:  Team RAF
                                        Type...: Trainer
        Date..:  13.11.2005
                            SIZE: 56K
       Trainer Features:
       F1 - Toggle Unlimit Health
       F2 - Toggle Unlimit Ammo
       F3 - Toggle Unlimit Respawns
       F4 - Toggle Unlimit Light
       F5 - Toggle Unlimit Upgrades
       F6 - Toggle One Hit Kill
       Use Alt+ F-Key as Hotkey in game ;)
       Install Notes:
       1) Unrar
       2) Start Trainer
       3) Start Game
       4) Use Desired F-Key In Game To Toggle Options On/Off
                          INFOS / NEWS
       Support the software companies. If you play this game BUY it!
                         We are searching for:
                10mbit+ affil sites eu (no de, at sites)
                           a good dupe check
               Greetings to all other Groups in the Scene.
              Especially Deviance who were faster again ;)
                                  F X P
                           V E R T I C K E R
                                  E M U L E
                                      U S W


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