Shadowgrounds Shadowgrounds
There are 2 methods to cheat in the game, and they are independant of one
another. You do not need to edit the config file in order to use the console
cheats. Choose either method or even both methods, depending on what you want.

Method A the config file
Cheat Codes case sensitive:

-Game- Section

gamemoderts = 1 Enable RTS Mode, where you can control your
characters just like in an RTS game. You may
draw a box around characters to select them and
move them in a group.
The TopDown Shooter mode should be disabled for
this to work
[this does not work so well and we could not
get characters to reload their weapons nor
issue them commands, such as OPEN DOOR]

gamemodetopdownshooter = 0 Disable the TopDown Shooter mode.
seems best to disable this if using RTS mode

-Cheats- Section

showallunits = 0 [unknown effect]

showenemytactical = 1 Show where the enemies are planning to
move and attack. There will be Green
or Blue circles on the ground that show
what each enemy is planning.

nocameraboundaries = 0 [unknown effect]

scriptdevmode = 1 [unknown effect]

allowsideswap = 0 [unknown effect]

showpaths = 1 [unknown effect]

autoaimhorizontal = 1 Game should auto-aim your gun
left/right to hit an enemy off by
[not sure if this has any effect]

autoaimvertical = 1 Game auto-aims your gun up/down to hit
an enemy on by default.
[since you don't seem able to aim up or
down on your own, it is probably best
to leave this on if you want to hit

playerdemoinvulnerability = 1 Demi-God Mode
You still take damage and make all
kinds of 'ugh, ah shit, fuck, etc'
noises, but you can never actually be

-Debug- Section

showfps = 1 Display the graphical Frames Per Second
rate in the upper right corner

showpolys = 1 Display the graphical Polygons Per
Second rate in the upper right corner

showterrainmemoryinfo = 1 [unknown effect]

debugconsolecommands = 1 Show console command syntax and error
information about console commands
that you type
can be very handy

showdebugdataview = 1 [unknown effect]

showdebugraytraces = 1 [unknown effect]

Method B the console
NOTE: ALL the Cheat Codes can be entered multiple times.

First off, if you enable the Developer Key Binds, which are the MOST useful
cheats that we found, then it is a good idea to made note of those binds below.

Key Effect
--------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------
f2 Move Left on the Debug Menu
f3 Move Right on the Debug Menu
f4 Run the selected command on the Debug Menu
f5 Run the 'warpforward' cheat. effect listed below
f6 Toggle the Immortal Mode on/off
f7 Run the 'stuffed' cheat. effect listed below
f9 nextcameramode
f10 openanirecorder

i cameramoverotateleft
o cameramoverotateright
g grenade
l nextcameraangleboundary
k unitmodetoggle
pad-plus cameramovezoomin
pad-minus cameramovezoomout
pad-enter cameramovezoomnext
NOTE this 'pad' stuff means the Number KeyPad on your keyboard

shift-l multipleunitselect
shift-r multipleunitselect
tilde key selectallunits

---END Developer KeyBinds---

The following are developer cheats, and require a special command syntax.

You must add the following BEFORE the cheat code name.

externInclude developer:

Example: cheat code is "opendoor", the console command to use that code is

externInclude developer:opendoor

Developer Cheat Codes case sensitive:

main Developer scripting initialized
and Developer keybinds are applied.
Most important is the KeyBinds which give you access to
a text mode Developer Menu, which allows a ton of
Cheat Effects.

opendoor Open a door that is close to you

spawnalienattack Alien attack An assload of aliens will spawn to
destroy you

reloadstuff Get some ammo for all weapons and 100 Flashlight Energy

givestuff Get all Weapons

warpforward Warp your player 300 units forward on the map

warpmore Warp your player 3000 units forward on the map

fullhealth Get Full health

giveallkeys Get all Keys for the Level

loseallkeys Lose all Keys for the Level

openallremotedoors Opening all remote doors

closeallremotedoors Closing all remote doors

immortal You become immortal god mode

stuffed Enable God Mode, get Full Health, get all Weapons, get
tons of Ammo runs the 'reloadstuff' cheat 6 times,
get 50 Weapon Upgrade Parts, & get 9999 Flashlight

developerspawnalien1 Spawn an Alien Type 0

developerspawnalien2 Spawn an Alien Type 4

developerspawnalien3 Spawn an Alien Type 9

developerspawnalien4 Spawn an Alien Type 11

---END Developer Cheat Codes---

What follows are non-developer cheats which you just enter exactly as we
listed; no "externInclude ..." stuff is need.

Standard Console Cheat Codes case sensitive:

setMissionSuccessCounter 1 Win the Current Mission

setMissionFailureCounter 1 Lose the Current Mission
this kicks you back to the main menu, but then
the game seems to get frozen in a loop and the
mouse won't move

hideGUI Hide the Graphical User Interface

showGUI Show the Graphical User Interface

message [STRING] Display your Chosen STRING on the screen
Example: message TECHNiC Sucks

disableAllAI All AI is disabled, both the enemies and the
Doors will not move

enableAllAI All AI is enabled, for both the enemies and the

quit Quit the game back to your Operating System

enableHostileAI Prevent enemies from moving, but they can still
attack if you get too close

disableHostileAI Re-enable enemy AI

There are 2 different types of cheat codes for this game, we call them A & B.

Method A the config file
1. Always make a backup copy of your game files first:

2. UnRAR our CONFIG.RAR file to your game directory and overwrite the
existing file.

You will need to re-configure any video, sound, etc game options that you
already changed, as this resets everything to the installed defaults

3. Change any of the cheat or debug toggles to 0 to disable them
to 1 to enable them.

The codes are all added to the top of the file, so you can find them easily.

Also, we set every cheat/debug code to its default option. So the game will
run like normal until you specifically change one of the settings.

4. Since the game likes to remove any added cheat/debug codes from its options
file, we included a few batch files to make your file Read-Only or not so.

You can optionally UnRAR BATCH.RAR to your game directory.

After you edit your config, you should run:
ConfigREADONLY.BAT to stop the game from deleting your cheats.

To edit the config again, run:
ConfigEDIT.BAT which removes the read-only attribute.

5. Start the game.

Your chosen cheat/debug effects are enabled.

Method B the console
1. Start the game.

2. Begin a New Game or Load a Saved Game.

3. Open the game Console:
By default, the console is set to the F8 key for newly created profiles.

If F8 does not work for you, check your keybinds file on the profile you use

Look for the line:
consoletoggle = [key]

You may even change the Key if you want.

Hit your console toggle key in the game.

A CONSOLE window should open with a cursor.

4. Enter your codes.

Note: You may hit the UpArrow and DownArrow keys to cycle through previously
entered codes.

5. Hit your console toggle key again F8 by default to leave the console.

For a full list of console and/or script commands, check our included
COMMANDS.TXT file. Be aware that some of these are not console
commands, but are variables used by the game's scripting language.

By far, the most useful cheat we saw was the console command:
"externInclude developer:main"

The debug menu is pretty neat once you get the hang of how it works.
It is a text menu, where you use F2 & F3 to select which option you
want. Then you use F4 to accept that option. There are sub-menus
for some of the choices too. After an option is selected, you can
repeatedly hit F4 to re-run that cheat multiple times.

Hope you like it, as a good deal of work was involved in finding and
testing these codes.