Suffering v1.0 (+2 Trainer)

Suffering v1.0 (+2 Trainer)

Suffering v1.0 (+2 Trainer)

Text file description:

Hi i'm Ghost and i have made and designed this trainer for the pc game The Suffering.
Trainer Information and Usage:
Infinite Ammo
Infinite Health
Start the The Suffering game and select new game (Or use a saved game either is possible) pause the game (Esc key) and then press Alt+Tab to minimize the game to the desktop toolbar, now run the trainer and click on the Infinite Ammo button and the Infinite Health button leave the trainer running and then just maximize The Suffering game then play and Enjoy.
Tried/tested and fully working.
Game Version:
It is possible to still die if a slayer cuts off your head thats that your dead and no amount of health can save you there so just be carefull and blast those buggers into dust the first chance you get.
Greetings To:
All Mods and Admins at the great website, check it out you might like it.
Special Greetings Goes Out TO:
Lord Anubis for his help in this project and many other.
Thats it so have fun and remember "dont lose your head"


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