Superkarts savegame optimizer

Superkarts savegame optimizer

Superkarts savegame optimizer

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                                P R E S E N T S
                      SUPERKARTS SAVEGAME OPTIMIZER v1.0
   Type..........: Savegame Trainer    Packager..: Motion Man
   Publisher.....: N/a                 Cracker...: N/a
   Supplier......: Motion Man          Graphics..: []
   Release Date..: 06-12-95            Sound.....: []
   Release notes..
   This time we bring you a little savegame patcher for Superkarts released
   by Razor 1911 some weeks ago. It gives you unlimited everything! Except
   oil and extra lives, but who needs that when your kart runs 200 km/h?
   The kart speed can actually get even higher, but at higher speeds the
   kart will react VERY weird, spinning and jumping around etc.
   Thanks must fly out to Spycatcher for helping me out with this one..
   Personals..: Morbid Angel, Manowar, Drake, Triple-X, Postman, Gusto,
                Psychotron, Jay Walker, FaceLess, 81RED, Therion, Bionic,
                Invisible Evil, Metallian, Spycatcher and the asskicking
                DOMINATORS gang!
   Groups.....: Razor 1911, MCC, Eclipse, Genesis, PWA, Katharsis!Ascii
                                                                'Motion Man
    Group News/Gossip/Etc..
   Our finnish board Juve Rehab got busted a day back, we wish the best of
   luck to its cool sysop Snake Man..
   We are in need of reliable couriers. If you are interested, get in touch
   with us asap. This also applies for courier groups wanting an exclusive
   deal with Dominators.
   The dedicated ones..
                               Drake  &  Magic
         Animal  -  Candyman  -  Cosmo  -  Devestator  -  Dogfriend
       Germanator  -  Hewitt  -  Jihad  -  Metallian  -  Morbid Angel
             Motion Man  -  Radar  -  Snake Man  -  Triple-X
                                  Sir John
                            (positions available)
   Famous DOM boards around the globe..
   Quadrillion            EHQ     +XX-XXX-XXXX   Morbid Angel       4 Lines
   Anonymous Psychosis    DOM     +XX-XXX-XXXX   Motion Man         2 Lines
   Ultimate Carnage       DOM     XXX-XXX-XXXX   Devestator         2 Lines
   Digital Drugstore      DOM     +XX-XXX-XXXX   Germanator         2 Lines
   Juve Rehab             DOM     +XX-OFF-LINE   Snake Man          7 Lines
   How to reach us..
   If you think you are currently involved with DOMINATORS and  you are not
   listed in this .NFO, contact us at our EHQ by leaving mail to a Senior
   We are  currently accepting  applications for membership  in DOMINATORS.
   Should you be capable of doing something  valuable for DOMINATORS we may
   have a spot available for you.
   Call Quadrillion using following account:
       Handle:  VISITOR
     Password:  DOMINATORS
   Leave a comment to one of the DOMINATORS seniors. State your real  name,
   handle  and  voice  number(s) (including  time zone) where  you can  be
   reached. Leave a thorough description of what you are capable of and you
   will be contacted soon after.
  We in Dominators are against the principle of buying before testing. Nobudy
  in his right mind would buy a car before test driving it,  and we think the
  same goes for software. We therefore give you a chance to test this product
  before you go out and *BUY* it, which we strongly encourage you to do! -DOM

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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.

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