Terminal velocity ammo cheat

Terminal velocity ammo cheat

Terminal velocity ammo cheat

Text file description:

This cheat is for Terminal Velocity version 1.1 Shareware.  I didn't do this just
because I like to cheat, I did it as a programming exercize, but it worked
out pretty well.  I am not liable to any damage you may cause to your system,
this was written to the best of my knowledge as a good cheat and if it blows
up your system, well thats not my fault.  Use at your own risk. (though it
shouldn't cause any problems).
The syntax is tvcht11 save#.dat, (# is a number in the range of 0 to 7)you
must include the full file name, and I didn't do any error checking to see
if it exists first, but all it will give you is a runtime error.
Any comments or suggestions are welcome, send them to:
"Jock", at

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