Thunder rabbit +6 trainer

Thunder rabbit +6 trainer

Thunder rabbit +6 trainer

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                    Thunder Rabbit - +6 Interactive Trainer
     All possible options trained in this cewl game, just press '1' to
     '6' to toggle an unlimited option on/off...
                              Have Phun!
                               -= COMMENTS =-
    Anyone interested in joining Hollands Nr. 1 Group can apply at 1 of our
    cewl boards located around this globe.
                                -= GREETS =-
                        ( and others we forgot )
             Central Station Widget       2 Nodes  World HQ
             Cofeeshop       Jopiter      1 Node   Courier HQ
             Both Worlds     R2D2         3 Nodes  UK HQ
             Planet Groove   Ashton       2 Nodes  Member
             Silverado       Blue Sky     4 Nodes  Member
             The Wilderness  Andabata     1 Node   -apply-
             The End         White Power  1 Node   Affiliate
             Gml *state*     Houzkeeper   2 Nodes  Affiliate
                         In Alfabatical Order
    Andabata        - Drinking Soundwave' Alcohol
    Ashton          - Still in orbit around the Planet
    Baracuda        - Getting Inactive l8ly
    Blue Sky        - BLUE does not Equal SILVER
    Bvd             - Art is his life
    Crisis          - Impure/Crisis? Must be a identity-crisis.
    Houzkeeper      - Where is my Jenever?!
    Imp             - Asleep.
    Jopiter         - Hanging around in cofeeshops
    R2D2            - Uk`s Finest.
    Sentinel        - Awaiting his 1st Pmode-Trainer
    Soundwave       - Idiot who thinks he is the leader of this pack.
    Slackjaw        - Lost in Cyberspace?
    Thunderchild    - YES! Finally finished his savedGame-Cheat-Engine.
    Tim             - Coding is HIS life...
    Virago          - Lost somewhere in 3dStudio.
    White Power     - Wit Poeder heeft nooit een wasverzachter nodig.
    Widget          - Still trying to patch al those SX-bugs.
                   THE CATHEDRAL PARTY 3 : 12 MAY'1995
                      ( ALCOHOLIC SCENE-DUDES ONLY )


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