Titan Quest: Immortal Throne (+13 Trainer)

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne (+13 Trainer)

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne (+13 Trainer)

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                  PWZ PROUDLY PRESENTS
                 Titan Quest Immortal Throne +13 Trainer
                     TARGET = Unleashed Release
          GENERAL INFO
1. Double click trainer.exe to run (you can do this from anywhere)
2. Load game
3. Use the option keys below
        ^^^^^^       ^^^^^^^   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
         YeS            1       F2  - Infinite Health
         YeS            2       F3  - Infinite Energy
         YeS            3       F4  - Infinite Gold  *Read Notes
         YeS            4       F5  - Infinite Skill Points
         YeS            5       F6  - Infinite Attribute Points
         YeS            6       F7  - Mouse over Death *Read Notes
         YeS            7       F8  - Speed
         YeS            8       F9  - No Skill Recharge  *Read Notes
         YeS            9       F10 - Enemy Slow Motion  *Read Notes
         YeS           10       K Key  - MEGA Level Up   *Read Notes
         YeS           11       F11 - SAVE    Position   *Read Notes
         YeS           11       F12 - RESTORE Position   *Read Notes
         YeS           12       T Key -TELEPORT          *Read Notes
         YeS           13       F Key -FREEZE ATTACKERS  *Read Notes
       F2  - Infinite Health
       No surprises here , You Dont Die
       F3  - Infinite Energy
       Make all the energy uses you want it will not run down
       F4  - Infinite Gold
       Bring up your character info hud and hit the F4 key
       it will add 50000 to your gold each time you hit the key.
       This  way  you can continue to get your gold from enemies and
       treasure boxes
       F5  - Infinite Skill Points
       This option gives you unlimited amounts of Skill Points
       It Will set the amount at 999999  and stay there
       F6  - Infinite Attribute Points
       This option gives you unlimited amounts of Attribute Points
       It Will set the amount at 999999  and stay there
       F7  - Mouse over Death
       When This option is enabled it will either Zero the enemy
       Health or kill them outright
       F8  - Speed
       Run through the game at a higher rate of speed ,
        F9  - NO Skill Recharge
       Ok , after pressing this option the time you have to wait
       before you use the skill again will no longer be there
       So you can use  the skills as often as you want with no wait
        F10 - Slow motion
       Ok ,Enemies will attack in slooooowwwww motion,so then you can
       Pick them off at your will
       K-KEY - Mega Level Up
       Right,once enabled will give you super MEGA  Level up
       Hit somebody,get some points and you will level up to the max
       F11 Save your position
       Probably the best option in the whole trainer !
       Use this key to save your position in the game at any time
       Example: your talking to a dude who is going to send you on a
       Quest,Save your position,this will come in handy when you have
       accomplished it and want to get back to the dude
       F12 Restore your position
       This will restore your SAVED position and return you back
       to anywhere in the  map ,no need to spend forever getting back
       Hint:Rememeber the dude who sent you on a quest..
       hit Restore to return directly to the spot where you saved
       Note: If you travel miles away from your save and into
       numerous villages far away ,you may experiance a slight
       pause in the game ,while your position is recalibrated
       T-KEY - Teleport
       Oki-Doki! To use this option all you have to do is choose
       a place where you can highlight something..anything that when
       you place your mouse over it,it shows a highlight
       Example:you Mouse over an enemy what is in the valley below
       Normally getting to this valley would mean a long long way round
       Steady your mouse over your target and press the T-key
       You will be Teleported to your target
       Such targets for example are treasure boxes,Enemies,etc
       F-KEY - Freeze Attackers
       Any Monster/whatever what turns to attacks you will freeze
       So you can pick them off at your whim
       Note  : while this is enabled ,any special character you
       enabled will also be affected and subject to it

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