U Pucker Luxor v1.0.5.34 S (+4 Trainer)

U Pucker
Luxor v1.0.5.34 S (+4 Trainer)

U Pucker

Luxor v1.0.5.34 S (+4 Trainer)

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                    Luxor S +4 Trainer
         Coded By: UPucker
                                    Trainer Options
       1. Coin Selector -  Changes all coins into the powerup you select
       2. Gem Selector  -  Changes all gems  into the powerup you select
       3. Infinite Lives  -  Infinite Lives
       4. Ball Selector   -  Lets you switch to any ball at any time
             Q - Blue        S - White
           W - Yellow      D - Black
        E - Red         Z - FireBall
                        R - Green       X - Lightning Ball
                A - Purple      C - Wild Ball
                    Release Notes
       Pretty straight foreward trainer. For easy game set coins and gems to any
       PowerUp. For very easy game turn on the ball selector and use the hotkeys
       to pick any ball you want. Or just use Infinite lives.     Enjoy!!!
                 Problems, Comments, etc.       UPucker@gmail.com


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