Urban Assault trainer

Urban Assault trainer

Urban Assault trainer

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                 Urban Assault All Levels & All Vechicles Cheat
 Cracker  : dEViL                     Release Date : July 27th, 1998
 Supplier : Josh Wink                 Oper. System : Windows 95/98
 Stripper : Underworld                Protection   :
 Packager : Nigz                      Game Type    : Cheat
                    Class rel. of Urban Assault, 100k HD
                           oOo Release Notes oOo
 If you're stuck in UA, here is a cheat to access all of the levels & the
 vechicles in the game.
                           oOo Install Notes oOo
 Just unzip then unrar innto the SAVE directory in where you have UA
 installed, and start up Urban Assault. Load up a saved game(either CLS or
 DEVIL), and boom, you can choose any level and all the vechicles you want.
                       oOo Ramblings of a Rufus oOo
 There are a few  things I would like  to take some time to  address for no
 other real reason than I am tired of the EMail we receive.  So many of you
 out there are confused and it is about time someone sets  you straight.  I
 would like to think I speak for the majority of the other groups out there
 when I  say this, but that is  for them  to decide.  First off, we do  not
 waste our fucking time  uploading  to AOL.  Everyday  there is  EMail from
 somegimp@AOL.COM  saying that  the release  we mailed them was  in 4 parts
 and one of the  disks was missing or it had a  CRC error.  Get it  through
 your thick heads, WE DO NOT MASS MAIL TO  YOUR SORRY ASSES.  Second, we DO
 NOT sell CDs so stop  wasting bandwith and  our time with  such questions.
 third, the ACE compression is not OUR compression.  Just like RAR, someone
 else coded it, we just use it.  This brings me to another  point, it seems
 that after  our releases have  trickled down to the average Joe  files are
 very often  missing.  No CLASS.NFO, no  FILE_ID.DIZ, various  parts of our
 INSTALLATION program, etc.  If the INSTALL.EXE does not work for you, this
 means you have to MANUALLY decompress the game.  Yes, the  horror.  Having
 to do something as complicated  as UNACE X FILENAME.ACE  You can  also use
 ACE.EXE instead of  UNACE.EXE.  If you are still reading this and  want to
 know just where you can get ACE.EXE the answer is simple:
 While you are there you can also read about what has been released and get
 reviews  of  recent games.  This can  be  extremely  helpful if  you  find
 yourself getting a lot  of FAKE RELEASES.  If you  want to know  which are
 REAL and which are  NOT you should read a Monthly Game Report like  JTF or
 some of the various others.  JTF can be found here:
 Now that I  have insulted the  millions of AOL customers and educated  the
 rest I am going to  answer a few questions the average  Joe will be asking
 Q: Well, if you don't upload to AOL, Offer on IRC,  have public FTP sites,
    or have your  releases available  on the web, how am I  supposed to get
    your games?
 A: Not  our  problem.  Maybe  if  you  DID something  for  the  scene  and
    contributed in  some form or fashion you would  not be stuck with these
    problems.  Nothing in the world is free, if you want something you need
    to get out there and earn it.
 Q: Are you accepting couriers?  Sites?
 A: NO, NO, AND NO.  Since  day #1 we have not been  accepting couriers nor
    do we have any plans on accepting couriers.  Stop EMailing us with this
 Q: Do you have a Web Page?
 A: Does it look like  we have one?  If/When we ever do, believe me we will
    advertise it here.
 Q: Why are you such an asshole?
 A: I am just very talented.  Thank you, and see you in the next release.
                           oOo Wanted Part 2 oOo
  We have FILLED the Web Master position!
  We are also still  looking for people to supply our group with HARDWARE.
  3DFx Cards, Video Cards, HDs,  CPUs, RAM, etc.  No 800MB drives,  30 pin
  memory, or other  pieces of ancient equipment.  This is not an offer for
  resellers to EMail us with a list of components at wholesale prices.  If
  interested, EMail support@class101.com and we can try and work something
                             APPLICATION INFO
  Interested in joining?  We are looking for  talented new members to help
  us fill the ranks!  If you  fall within any of the following categories,
  you might just be what we're looking for:
  * If you work for a software developer, distributor, or publisher!
  * If you can supply unreleased games, utilities, or even hardware!
  * If you work for an ISP, or other provider of shell accounts, etc!
  * If you feel that you have anything else that might be of value to us!
                               CONTACT INFO
  Should you wish to make contact with our members, we can easily be
  reached via this method...
  E-Mail (USA&Europe):       support@class101.com
                      "Watch Class Games - Play Class Games"
This trainer has been verified and it
'works'. If you find any difficulties
please refer to the documentation that
comes with the trainer (if there is any)
or it must be due to the version
differences of the game that was used
for creating this trainer and the version
you are using.


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