V2000 Trainer

V2000 Trainer

V2000 Trainer

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 .                                                                     .
 .              .
 :             :
 |   |
                               [ P r e s e n t s ]                   AB!DF2^SAC
                               Virus 2000 Trainer
  Cracker    : miRaMax                 :  Released   : October 5th, 1998
  Supplier   : -                       :  Protection :
  Stripper   : -                       :  Game Type  : Trainer
  Packager   : miRa & Proz             :  # of Disks : 1 x 1.44M
                                V2000 Rip, 1M HD
                             [ G a m e   N o t e s ]
     This should help you in V2000. The Trainer offers the following
  F12 : Unlimited Life.
  Thats all, just unpack and copy the TRAINER.EXE to your V2000 dir and
  execute. The trainer will unload itself when the cheat is enabled.
                                                      - miRamax / CLASS
  Greets to: Jaydee, Devil, Skill, Manhunter, OfD, Acpizer, Grudge, Stone,
             DrMabuse, MrSandman, Hetero, ATM, HH, DaJackal, Sakic, Pitbull,
             Dunknown, Jammer, Minister, MrNop, Cypher&Ice, Mgd, Outha, Exeron,
             Dumdi, Mason, Random, G-Rom, Beowulf and the rest of Class.
                         [ I n s t a l l   N o t e s ]
  UnZIP to any where you have V2000 and run TRAINER.EXE
                            [ G r o u p   N e w s ]
  In light of recent  events perpetrated by  our so-called  competition, we at
  CLASS PC would like to make a few things clear to you the end-user:
  Over the past 2 days we have witnessed new heights of lameness - as 2 groups
  who are  self-proclaimed  abiders of the  S.P.A. regulations chose  to break
  those  very agreed  upon guidelines  while attempting to cover it up through
  false claims that  a supposed final S.P.A. vote had  taken place as  well as
  an agreement to usher in a new disk limit of 90 x 1.44MB disks.
  This is  completely and  blatantly false.  Yes the  groups who  comprise the
  S.P.A. committee  have  been and  still  are discussing the  possibility  of
  raising the  disk limit.  Coincidentally this is  an  ammendment that  we at
  CLASS PC  do NOT  and we  cannot possibly stress  how  stern we  are in  our
  convictions  that we do NOT want  the limit raised  above 75 x 1.44MB disks.
  The 2  above mentioned  groups would have  you believe that CLASS  voted YES
  in the  supposed final vote  that  never took place, but  this is FALSE.  In
  the preliminary  votes, we voted NO  and in the final  vote we will  vote NO
  to the further degredation of the games scene.
  The entire purpose of the CD-RIP games  scene is, was and always  will be to
  deliver an end  product that is of a size that  can be easily downloaded and
  played by  those who  do NOT have  high-speed  modem connections - while  at
  the  same  time delivering  a product that  has  complete functionality  and
  playability.  As the current limit  stands at  75 disks, we and  every other
  group with any  miniscule amount of stripping/cracking knowledge can achieve
  this ideal product.  There are roughly 5-10% of games put on the market that
  cannot be released below this limit  with an appropriate  music  addon if so
  requested.  Those 5-10% of games are games that  should either a) be bought,
  thus  supporting  the  software  developers  we so  often  neglect  or b) be
  downloaded in the fast growing, largely available ISO format.
  It is in the best  interest of the end-users, siteops  and active groups  to
  quash  this  proposition now, before  we all suffer blows in the  categories
  of  quality rips  and quality  of software released.  We can safely say that
  very  few if  any are  interested in 90  disk non-standalone  addons, or  in
  a worst case scenario, 90 disk multimedia Mah-Jong or edutainment software.
  We're sorry to  have  drawn this out  so long, but  there  is so much  to be
  said as far as this issue goes.  In conclusion, we do  NOT condone a 90 disk
  limit on game rips released.  We did NOT vote yes in the S.P.A. tallies.  We
  will ALWAYS continue  to try our hardest to  bring you small game rips, with
  functionality  and playability intact - along  with appropriate  addons.  We
  understand  that  the  vast  majority of  you are  on  56k or  slower  modem
  connections, and you deserve to be able to download the software you want in
  a reasonable  amount  of time.  Those of  you  who can  afford faster  links
  should  look  to  the  future, to  ISOs for  those  5-10% of  games that  go
  unreleased  because  they cannot  fit in 75 x 1.44MB archives.  Take time to
  reflect  on  the  above  presented  issue, and make  it  known to  all  your
  favorite game release groups that you are  all-for  the preservation  of the
  games scene, hence you are against raising the disk limit at this time.
  Be sure and go to the following URL and VOTE for your favorite group, CLASS!
                     Just The Facts - www.mygale.org/~jtf98
                      [ A p p l i c a t i o n   I n f o ]
  Interested in joining?  We are looking  for talented new members to  help us
  fill  the ranks!  If you fall  within any of  the following  categories, you
  might just be what we're looking for:
     * If you work for a software developer, distributor, or publisher!
     * If you can supply unreleased games, utilities, or even hardware!
     * If you work for an ISP, or other provider of shell accounts, etc!
     * If you feel that you have anything else that might be of value to us!
                      [ C o n t a c t i n g   C L A S S ]
  Should you wish to  make contact with our members, we can  easily be reached
  via E-Mail at support@class101.com
                       "Seventy Five rules, Ninety suxxx"
     -<>    <    >
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 And welcome back to Kang6902!
                                                  - Jaydee
   Well the way you contact us is not the same way you contact other
  groups, we won't offer you any hardware, or bought shells, or money
  for your services. We work on the honesty of the scene, we like to
  believe there are some sort of morals and rules left in the scene,
  and that loyalty to groups still remains there. If you share those
  beliefs, go for it, contact one of our members and we will consider
  your membership, but if you fall into the category of couriers that
  require payment for their services please don't waste our time.
  We are looking for people who work hard, are loyal, and are looking
  for friends to share the few good moments of the warez scene.
  If you are like this, contact us, it will be a pleasure to talk
  to you :D
  Wise quote of the month:
  "Why have a life or even sleep when u can trade ?"
                                                      - Jaydee
 Many thanks go out to Storm Trooper, Spy, Meter and Ipggi for doing
 such a great job on our web page!
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To khaotic : ok, you rock! :)
This trainer has been verified and it
'works'. If you find any difficulties
please refer to the documentation that
comes with the trainer (if there is any)
or it must be due to the version
differences of the game that was used
for creating this trainer and the version
you are using.


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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.

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