Extalia X-Man 2: Wolverines Revenge v1.0 ENG (+3 Trainer)

X-Men 2


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X-Man 2: Wolverines Revenge v1.0 ENG (+3 Trainer)

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r o y X-Men 2 : Wolverine's Revenge Energy Trainer NOTES: Cracker.....: Deviance System/OS......: Win9x/NT/2K/XP Trained by..: tRSI Files..........: 01/01 RAR Size........: VERY SMALL Release date: 04/17/03 Release Notes: After downloading the game and playing it a while, we decided to do a little energy trainer to make the game play a lot easier. Again another release by the cooperation. Will we ever die? Cheers to the boys in Deviance. We appreciate your game release, it was brought to the scene at the right time. The last days were a bit dry... Signed: Tristar^Red Sector Inc. Usage: 1.) Copy the exe into game directory 2.) Run the trainer and start the game through it 3.) Use the ingame key(s) Options: 1.) Unlimited Energy for Mr.Logan Group Info: If you feel that you can fill our ranks with fresh power and that you balance into the reigns of the sleeping gods, contact us on the regular channels. Or write email to trsi_pc_sleepers@hushmail.com WE DO NOT ANSWER REQUESTS, NOR WE OFFER YOU TECHNICAL SUPPORT! WE DO NOT NEED ANY COURIERS! WE DO NOT SUPPORT P2P/EDONKEY OR OTHER CRAP LIKE THAT! We are searching for: 1.) Programmers who are able to code DirectX >8.1 and/or OpenGL. It would be great if you are also able to code automatic tools for merging / splitting nowadays big game file formats. Knowledge in C/C++/ASM is a MUST for you. Debugging skills in SoftICE is nothing major for you. And finally IDA is no foreign word for you. 2.) Crackers who are able to crack protections as SafeDISC, SecuROM etc. and who are able to produce their own automatic tools to do the job proper! You are the type of guy who has no problem to code your utilities in C/C++ and / or Assembler. 3.) Suppliers who have access to a fast line, and who work for a software house, magazine or for a distributor. You have to be 100% dedicated to supply the latest. 4.) Trainermakers, who sit on a fast line. You must be able to trick DMA with code injection and SoftICE & IDA are no foreign words for you. Programming knowledge in Assembler and in high level languages as C and C++ will make your job far easier. 5.) Siteops who can provide us with Dumpsites or who can provide us with affil sites. We demand much, but we are able & willing to give! Greetings: FAIRLIGHT, QUARTEX, HOODLUM, SECTION 8, DANISH GOLD, KALISTO, PARADOX, RAZOR 1911, IMMERSION, DEVIANCE, SCOOPEX, THE SILENTS, GENESIS, SOULDRINKER, HAUJOBB AND FARBRAUSCH :: TRSi'2003 TRSi - Legends never die

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