Final Fantasy becomes Reality, its final


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Final Fantasy, the animated movie now has an official trailer available for all the fans of the game series. With release planned for July 13th 2001, we will have to make do with this trailer for a while.

The movie is obviously based on the popular video game series created by Square Soft, but it has been made clear that it will not feature characters or storylines from any of the games. The plot follows the adventures of heroine, Aki, and will be centered around an alien race that invades Earth in the year 2065 with a plan to take over the planet.

The movie is destined to raise the standard by which all animation will be judged by using revolutionary technology that will bring the "virtual actors" (computer generated characters with life-like skin colors, textures and facial expression) to life.

Look out for the wrinkle demonstration at the movies official site.

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