Sony CEO: We’ll Show Our Next Console Only After Microsoft Shows Its Own

Sony president, Kaz Hirai, seems to be content on repeating the company’s PlayStation 3 launch mistake by holding off PlayStation 4 (Orbis) release until Microsoft has launched its Xbox 360 predecessor (Durango).

"Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?" he explained to British magazine, The Times.

With both Orbis and Durango specs nearly finalized, most enthusiasts expected official announcements to be made during this year’s E3 expo in June. This looks less likely now.

This quest for processing power superiority has lead Sony to release PlayStation 3 a full year after Xbox 360. When Sony’s consoles finally made it to the market in 2006, its main competitor had already enjoyed a market lead of 10 million units sold. Even worse, Nintendo Wii was released around the same time PlayStation 3 was launched but it still managed to overshadow both consoles before the end of 2007, effectively proving that raw processing power is not the decisive factor in this market.

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****** is the accepted psychological word for a diminished I.Q.. Look it up in the DSM. It is also the command for slowing down the tempo of a piece of music. I.E. both meanings mean slow. You equate retardation with being stupid because, essentially, that it what it means. Not saying it's right but I live in a country where people are allowed to say things, even if they are offensive. My advise to you is to build a bridge and get over it. There is no freedom from offense.

3 year old tech?

Good luck updating the video card on the PS4. By the way PC's have had 8 cores for 3 years already. Get ready to spend $500 on a platform that will have dated physics and graphics at launch with no mods and a limited library of games.

3 year old tech?

Good luck updating the video card on the PS4. By the way PC's have had 8 cores for 3 years already. Get ready to spend $500 on a platform that will have dated physics and graphics at launch with no mods and a limited library of games.


Wow i cant believe all of the ******** and moaning over which console is better. I own a ps3 and not an xbox. Why? cuz that's what i grew up on and wanted. But hey if someone showed up at my house and gave me an xbox i would use. The only thing i really like about the xbox is that you can listen to music while playing games, And the fact that you can install your games onto the hard drive to make them a lil more stable and less laggy. But for me i chose the ps3 over xbox any day. Ive seen more xboxs break down/ freeze then i have ps3's. Also what makes really like the ps3 is how simple the xmb is, its all laid out for you, i dont gotta look through menus trying find one thing like on the xbox. but all in all its the buyers choice and opinion.

In my humble opinion, console

In my humble opinion, console manufacturers are shooting themselves in the foot with the image they're creating for themselves. At some point they'll have to concede some profit to maintain a level of quality, if they want to continue to exist long-term. A yearly-release edition of Call of Duty might not have been so obnoxious when you could still buy used games because they weren't requiring that you pay full market price for mountains of uncreative, ideologically sanitized mass-market crap. Honestly, DRM is looking like a more attractive option at this point.


loyal sony customer will come back... it doesnt matter about competition... plus there are some people that just plain hate microsoft... so thus you have it again.... AND! the xbox 720 rival doesnt have blueray... sony invented it, its the greatest thing on the market... eat your frickin heart out! there is no way you can top it! good luck trying!

Actually, no. Ivy Bridge 22nm

Actually, no. Ivy Bridge 22nm architecture and PCIe 3.0 are the greatest thing on the market. And consoles lack upgradeability. If Sony wants to market its machine to the social media user, it should have built a new smart phone. What gamers want, is games. Not gimicks. Sony and Microsoft are gonna have a hard sell this year with all of the insanity coming up about disc-locking technology.


There are some truly ignorant people here. I have had both for many years as well. The PS1 was my first console ever, and it was wonderful. Then I bought the Xbox after a few years of playing strategy games like Command and Conquer Generals, and of course counter strike. When I obtained my Xbox, halo was the first FPS that I had played that was well thought out. (Mind you, I said "the first "I" had played. And at that point I had played very few, so don't give me crap about it.") Then the 360 followed. I started getting into the Call of Duty franchise, per recommendation of many of my friends. Anyways, I visited a friends house at some point. (ive had the Xbox 360 Elite (the black one) for about a year now) He was playing a PS3 RPG by the name of Demon Souls. After getting a chance to play that game, I was instantly hooked, and quickly bought a PS3 Slim. (I was disappointed that it did not have PS2 platform capabilities that came with the first gen PS3, which was a downgrade. I was disappointed.) I have many games for both consoles. Now, im also a final fantasy fan. So I used the PS3 mainly for the final fantasy franchise, which led me only using the PS3 for RPG's. (not including The elder scrolls and Fallout games.) So I cant really say anything about PSN since i've rarely used it. But the few times that I have played on there, there are very few hackers that actively exploit FPS games during ONLINE matches, which is true on both Xbox and PS platforms. I am slightly biased since i've mainly used XBOX live For Shooters since the beginning of my console years. I know for a fact that neither gaming communities suck. Also, to the person who said that Halo and COD don't take skill, you ARE mistaken. Just the fact that there are even tournaments held for those two games alone proves that there is obviously skill involved. Let alone the fact that there are individual WINNERS. (*gasp*) All first person shooters take a fair amount of planning, strategy, and reaction time to master, even more so when they're online. There was, is, and always will be, CAMPERS on EVERY platform in EVERY online game. And to the PC lover, there (surprisingly enough) was ONE game that had 120-140 player matches. It is called MAG. Its a PS3 game. I didn't discover MAG until several years after it was released, so I decided not to buy it, assuming it was already a dead game. Im not sure how successful it was though. ANYWAYS, both platforms are wonderful, though I use them for two totally different types of games. Sales DOES NOT determine which consoles are better, to an extent. They are both great. Everyone is just biased. All the "fanboys" are just kids who have grown up on a certain console or other, and is simply biased because he doesn't know anything else. And when he sees a chance to announce his "console allegiance", he will, and he will also talk **** about anyone that opposes him as much as possible. I say that, but honestly I would prefer if people wouldn't argue about this unless they've ACTUALLY owned both consoles and truly gotten to KNOW each console before talking trash about them. Always know both sides of an argument thoroughly before arguing one point, otherwise youll be bound to lose the fight. And I also think illiterate people who cant ******* type or spell worth **** should just stay away from computers. It drives me insane when they enter an argument, because every single person, no matter which side, will tell him to **** off. All they do is make themselves look like bumbling fools that aren't capable of being worth anything more than the **** that comes out their ***. Anyways, my rant is over. Oh, by the way, for you "teen fanboy" haters, I myself am a teen, and I don't think ive said anything that labels me as such, let alone being "stupid", "Ignorant", or a "Dumbass". I look forward to any replies to my post, as I am curious about what people have to say.

ive flipped flopped between

ive flipped flopped between consoles my whole life, since the NES (yes i said it!!) - genesis, n64, psx, dreamcast, ps2, then finally xbox 360 (ive owned 5 - 2 stolen, 3 red rings of death) a month later i got a ps3 (ive owned 3 - 1 fell off a truck while i was moving, 1 stolen, i still have the other) aside from the fact that i've never had a ps3 stop working for no ******* reason at all (even with 24+ hr gaming sessions) my girlfriend knows nothing about games, she is of the opinion that the games look better on the ps3. i tend to agree. i also enjoy the ease of linking the ps3 to my laptop, and the fact that u dont have to pay a fee to use the PSN. im not sayin that i will never own another microsoft console, im sure a fiend will eventually give me a stolen one, but i am saying i will never BUY another microsoft console


Man, that was like the inagural speech or somethin', man. You were loading out my servers with that comment. I had to spend 5 minutes trying to read that thing, but I agree.

I very truly agree with this

I very truly agree with this statement dude. I started with the genesis, in terms of consoles, But switched to the psx. From then i got into rpg's and tps/ stealth games. I had both the ps2 and the xbox growing up, upon their release. I saw very similar styles on each, yet i always saw xbox as slightly complicated and at first, it was more glitchy. But then again, so were most games. 15 years ago, the industry was still in an infacy state, seeing as nintendo had introduced new 3-d models of games. Since then, the systems have gotten amazing but the fanbases annoy me to no end. All i get is hate all school now from all my friends, which i take in stride, because i am a ps3 owner, solely by sentiment and cost rather then qualms about its performance. Ive seen both consoles have their issues. Sony isnt perfect, neither is microsoft (as im sure we all know, many of us owning or having used their pc's or consoles). I still have my old base model xbox, and i usually use it as i always have, to play older rpg's. My ps2 and my shooters are on there. Generally the more toon style ones, like Jak and Daxter, or ratchet and clank. I also have my ps3. I use it simply for everything. I am not severely opinionated on either console. I only know the xbox makes games look so good, but its frame rate suffers sometimes due to this. And the ps3's processor being what it is generally doesnt have as good graphics, but it manages a more stable frame rate. Both systems have their glitches, hackers, and idiots, as you simply stated. And it really does not make a difference. Honestly, i would own an xbox 360. I just dont have enough funds myself to pay for the memberships, and so i choose ps3 based on that fact. I can still play the large, open world or free roam games i love, like Deus Ex, Prototype, infamous, or Dragon Age, or even a good shooter like battlefield, or even Black ops on this console. It does not matter. The titles are the same for each. There really should be no arguement on 'which is better'. So i very much agree with you. :) Nice to see a more informed point of view every now and again.


I wanted to restate. I meant that at that point in time, I'd had my xbox for a year. Its been much longer since then. Also, ive never gotten the red ring of death, not even once in all my years of owning a 360

o boy

Listen i have just read every single comment in this blog. This is the dumbest thing i have heard anyone argue over. Jeeze guys go play ur games and be happy with wat you have. I dnt have anything because they are both a waste of time. Idk i guess people will argue over anything

So, they're both a waste of

So, they're both a waste of time but you just spent the time 'reading every single comment on this blog'. And you're telling me that playing a game is a waste of time. Being a big boy doesn't mean you have to put people that play video games down to make it sound like you actually do something with your life.

Ok ending it.

Ok... Now this has to be one of the the most disappointing things I have ever seen. When it comes down to the better console, why are you guys bring up predecessor? If its a discussion between the two current consoles let it stay that way. No need to get ****-hurt on a topic that's not going to have an effect on you our your life 2 minutes after. Now as for the better console. I'm sorry it is Xbox 360 I don't see how sales can determine which console is better. I'm sure wii ain't better than PS3 or the 360 but look at that! Most people will not buy a console due to its specification they buy it because: 1) Their either a fan of the console/brand. 2) It's cheaper than other systems. 3) It can deliver the same amount of fun. 4) it's something they grew up on.( I for example grew up on PS2 and Nintendo 64 so naturally I would buy a ps3 which a did, eventually I had also gotten my xbox360) 5) Cause some people actually do know the specs(lol remember i said most people) But when it comes down to it Xbox 360 takes the cake, now addressing certain issues: Exclusives: is sorry for whoever told the rest of you guys that ps3 has more exclusive. That has not been the case. And I doubt will ever be Xbox 360 has basically a wall or even more than library(exaggeration) full of exclusive but you can get what I mean. (Xbox) While: (ps3) Xbox has a total of 40 more exclusives than sony and including the latest ones for each. Sponsors: ok I think it's practically dumb of anyone to think Sony has more sponsored than microsoft like wtf -,-" and if a company that sponsored microsoft will also sponsored the console (most likely due to profits or easier access to ads) not discussing this further. Online&security: ok yes yes YES!!! We know psn is free..soo? Xbox three 360 has a pay to play online feature but first of all only every say 4:10 games have an online feature most requires online for DLC's plus if your going to get in it there is also a one mothe free trial for a person who has bought a new system. Then and additional three free months with a new profile. Then different paying methods to get online I mean 60 for a years worth online isn't bad $24 for three and $10 for a month I don't see how the hell their robbing anyone plus no Xbox games requires you to pay to play unless its an arcade game which requires an online connection to be established. But you know what I'd rather pay to play online than play on a god **** lagging psn which a bunch of effing hackers. Oh yea did you guys not hear your server got hacked this happened why. Cause your just too cheap this is less likely to happen to Xbox due to this is an area specialized in because of... Who do we thank bill gates ^,^ Xbox just offers more protection I feel safe with my Xbox Specs: This is a bunch of bull Xbox 360 has the better specifications when it comes down to visuals though all thoug the two are on par ps3 has blue ray but the HUD processor MEMORY smooth gameplay mechanics best quality Xbox all the way... Anyways I'm done.

your an idiot.

Xbox got hacked 6 months after releasing. Since then it has be hacked 8 times. PSN has been hacked once. By a Networking major who developed all kinds of **** like jailbreaks for almost all iOS devices and one of the first to root an android device. Mayne you should look stuff up and know your facts before you speak and make a fool of yourself like you just did.


Do editors exist anymore? I stopped reading after the first few lines. "Predecessor" means what comes before; they are waiting for the 360's successor, the 720, not its predecessor, the regular X Box.


Do editors exist anymore? I stopped reading after the first few lines. "Predecessor" means what comes before; thery are waiting for the 360's successor, the 720, not its predecessor, the regular X Box.

ps3 is waaay better than the shitbox

okay for starters ps3 has a larger libary of exclusives than xbox for example uncharted gt5 killzone resistance 3 infamous and so on and a point to be noted the only good exclusives i've soo far seen on my 360 are forza and halo thus ps3 has better exclusives.okay you've got bill gates but he's known for creating windows and operating systems not hardware where as sony has more than just experience in picking the precise components.ps3 also had a late start and has yet still risen above which shows that the ps3 is more reliable and powerful.dude i have both the xbox slim and the ps3 and in my opinion the ps3 is by far more futuristic than the xbox last night i was playing a little bit of pes on the xbox and its kinda funny seeing ps3 on the freakin advertisment boards so yeaah ps3 does have sponsors.even on the ******* xbox also psn is FREE i don't have to pay to play online so yeah and dude playing on different consoles doesn't mean one of them enhance your skills more than the others soo in the end ps3 is the apex predator and xbox ain't worth buying unless you have a buckload of cash for xbox live,a battery pack for the controller playing *******games like kinectimals on the kinect and can afford to buy another one just in case the one you have gets bricked


Never seen so many kid fanboys here fighting over kid consoles lol.... PC gaming machines is where it's at. **** this year alone we getting 50 exclusives. Oh I forgot you can't afford one lol. While you xbox and ps fanboys play them 24 player games lol, I'll be busy playing 64 players on games like battle field 3. And 164 players on my old school joint operations. Bunch of teen nerds here that have zero knowledge about true gaming lol. Later console Noobs!

Obviously trolling or honestly has no clue what he's talking about. MAG, for one, boasts 250 players. Hmm, higher than he stated with his measly 164. Yea. PC games aren't advanced. In fact, all FPS games are EASIER to play and require LESS skill than they do on consoles. Stick to your RTS and easy mode FPS games. Real gamers will play games, regardless of format. Grow up, chump.


"he explained to British magazine, The Times." This made me chuckle. The Times is a newspaper and has been for about 230 years. I think they'd be a little insulted by that remark.

Things I learned from these posts

Apparently lifting weights makes you NOT a geek. Being gay is somehow still a bad thing even in 2013. Being a virgin is also bad apparently. Swearing makes your point even ******* stronger. And most importantly... People care what consoles someone they don't know on the other side of the world prefers.

For those Xbox fanboys on here

You have got to look at experience here. Playstation has made 3 systems. Every one of them has improved in many ways. Xbox on the other hand has made 2, I have seen no improvement what so ever besides changing the dashboard and editing the system for WiFi capabilities. You guys are going to be looking stupid buying an Xbox 720 just so you can show off. There will be no improvement in the 720 it'll just be a new dashboard since online for Xbox has already been established.

mcool is a fool

Both systems show improvements with each new system and if you can't see that you are the fool "Fanboy"! I have owned both for years and for many reasons my PS3 is nothing but a very expensive paperweight 11 months of the year.

To All the PS3 vs Xbox vs PC people...

This is like the Atari 800 vs the Apple ][ vs the Commodore 64. Back then, it was all about the hardware. Then along came the IBM PC and its infinite clones, which pretty much standardised the computer market. Is the same thing destined to happen to game consoles? There are certainly a lot less popular consoles compared to what there used to be - I'm waiting for someone to come out on top.

xbox vs. ps3

obviously u idiotic people are to dumb to know tht xbox is better. I will explain. no events happen on ps3 or I should say psn. psn players suck at shooters aka fps. if they versed xbox gamers they would get destroyed. xbox has more exclusive then Sony. also most important xbox is sponsored by millions of companies. when did psn ever get tht. they don't even have a computer made. we have bill gates and Microsoft. so either way when ps4 comes out Microsoft will still me making more money than sony. same for halo making more money than cod. trust me im not saying tht to be a ****. but ive been in cod and halo world mlg tournies for 8 years and won 6 of them. people say halo sucks but no ur wrong u just suck at it. thank u very much n have a nice day poor faggots.

your the weakest link, goodbye

out of all of what you just said, you only said one correct thing, poor ******. of course microsoft is making money, that is all they care about. and those are not sponsors you see on xbox dipshit, those are called ads. for the fear that you may not understand what those are, ads are another way xbox makes more money. i own both the ps3 and 360, along with a multitude of other systems, and i love different features on both systems. but to go saying **** like people on psn suck at shooters, thats where you have life ****** up dude. 360 is nothing but a **** camper haven on FPS games. dont get me wrong, there is campers on any platform, and any fps. but my god, ive never seen so many people scared to die in a video game on 360. if i wanted to play hide and go seek, i would just pick up an ispy book. at least it would be more entertaining. and xbox has more exlusives than sony? yeah xbox has halo, gears and such. but more exclusives? do unicorns really exist when an individual is not intoxicated on shrooms? and sony does have a computer. its called a viao. along with a whole list of electronics. (ONCE AGAIN, INCORRECT FACTS. GO TEAM RETARDS! *sarcasm*) halo making more money than COD. now thats funny man. dont get me wrong, i love some halo action every now and then. i dont even mind the fact that bungie isnt doing halo anymore (im waiting for Destiny). anyhow, just for an example. black ops 2 broke records and brought in over 500 million dollars in sales on its first day. halo 4 only brought in about 220 million dollars in sales on its first day. keep in mind that those were only the sales on the first day, its pointless to even give you the sales quotas of this current day. and no sir, i do not suck at halo. so guess what? wrong again. so now that i have helped you correct your poorly given statements, i have only one lesson for you to learn, young jedi. QUIT BEING A FANBOY FOR A COMPANY THAT COULD CARE LESS ABOUT GAMERS AS LONG THEY ARE MAKING MONEY. defending a company that wouldnt **** on you if were on fire with a pitbull latched on your nuts, all while a midget is tossing poo poo at you. of course, you could probably pay them and they may give you a tinkle. rough possibility though.

Umm Lol?

What he meant by "Sony not having a Computer" he meant as in they don't make their own hardware on that "Viao crap" infact its a Microsoft Computer under a Private Label Market that is all it is.

So apparently you're unaware

So apparently you're unaware that the PS3 recently surpassed the 360 in sales, despite Xbox getting a massive boost after the RROD bricked about 33% of original models. Face it, you're too young to know what you're talking about, and your spelling and grammar speak volumes about your inexperience.


You are such a ****** it's unreal to process, 1st of all the console doesn't make the players skill any better it's a person them self you dumb ***. Also Sony does have computers, phones, Tv's and much more so shocking :O you're wrong again. And you think you're a gamer because you play Halo and Cod the games that require literally no skill and then you call people who disagree with you "faggots"? You are a sad person and I really hope you grow out of this phase of what console is better. It's pathetic each console has it's strengths and weaknesses so stop being a fan boy. *****.

PS3 vs ShitBox

Why don't you just shut up lesbian. Everyone knows for a fact PS3 is better. PS3 got better though the years Xbox has bill gates and they couldn't even get sixaxis but they can go make a gay looking motion sencer with ****** like games. Then you wanna call me a poor ****** but but you call youreself god gamer . That's what a nerdish ****** would call him self you little ***** so go suck a ****. And if you wanna find me I'm at you're mothers house between 06:00 and 12:00 at night.

You're retarded

If you are anything older than a 10 year old you should be ashamed of yourself. You write as if you are in pre-school. Your points are pure stupidity and you are obviously a waste of space.


You have issues kid. Get a grip. It's just entertainment. Why do you feel the need to side with a company just because you prefer their system? Unless your a shareholder or employee it shouldn't matter what either company does. Dont tell me you live vicariously through the successes of companies you favor. If you do you need help. Have you even seen **** up close? Or even been outside in a while? Or at least had your mom empty your shitbucket? Halo is ******* garbage. Play a real game like BF3.


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