Sony CEO: We’ll Show Our Next Console Only After Microsoft Shows Its Own

Sony president, Kaz Hirai, seems to be content on repeating the company’s PlayStation 3 launch mistake by holding off PlayStation 4 (Orbis) release until Microsoft has launched its Xbox 360 predecessor (Durango).

"Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?" he explained to British magazine, The Times.

With both Orbis and Durango specs nearly finalized, most enthusiasts expected official announcements to be made during this year’s E3 expo in June. This looks less likely now.

This quest for processing power superiority has lead Sony to release PlayStation 3 a full year after Xbox 360. When Sony’s consoles finally made it to the market in 2006, its main competitor had already enjoyed a market lead of 10 million units sold. Even worse, Nintendo Wii was released around the same time PlayStation 3 was launched but it still managed to overshadow both consoles before the end of 2007, effectively proving that raw processing power is not the decisive factor in this market.

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PC -besy graphics-

kids before spamming a site with "Xbox is the best graphics" just because you own one is not right. I would have just left this alone but PC is in the lead with graphic, how so? Well graphic go hand and hand with resolution. For instants I like my videos in 1280x840 or higher why because it looks way better the 480x240. Just next time kids do you research and use your brain and don't say random things because its just annoying to the ones the know this simple stuff already. ~Z

you ppl

R freaking nerds. The wii u sucks and Xbox 360 with connect is best the Xbox can has the most best graphics the wii has the world's worst graphics ever in history so the moral of the story is Xbox is the best and wii u and the normal wii sucks



This is just ridiculous.

You are both probably 12 years old and have no real gaming experience. PC gaming is better than any other home console by a landslide, if you have the right computer. Even if you don't, Wii U's graphics are only better than the original Wii. PS3 and Xbox both have better GPUs. Do your homework next time, kids.

PC good in graphic but sucks!!

Yeah, PC gaming always have more better graphic than console every year, but not for people whom not always spending all their money to upgrade their PC. Like while my PC's could run PES 2011 and also PES 2012, but when PES 2013 was out, its sucks u have the game but u can't play it because u need to upgrade ur PC. While console have more plus value, it could last up to seven years with games that PC also have with a decent graphic, like my PS3 console.

I second this

the pc has the best graphics and problem will do so for a long time you can even look at the resolution chart and graphs to see that......Do people do research before the comment.


funny **** how yall dumd ***** defend video games companies like they belong to yall, **** these f****ing companies even charge u to play their games, if atleast they would give em to yall for free, none of yall ***** work for sony microsoft or nintendo, why in the **** make fool of urself defending a company that who know if the owner is ******* ur mom or some,. get a **** life, shitttt.


1.) There are too many grammatical errors here to count, and you used "yall" so many times I nearly had a brain aneurysm. Don't think too hard about that one, or you may have one yourself. 2.) Of course companies charge you to play, how else would they make a profit? That's what this whole business is about. 3.) The only one making a fool of himself here is you. Trust me, you're going nowhere.


I'm not gonna lie but I'm a sony fanboy but what people need to realize is 1) both systems have flaws. 2) not every system is built the exact same so some break easier than others 3) the whole controller argument is flawed because you can get 3rd party controllers and its a matter of preference because to me the xbox controller feels too big and uncomfortable because I'm use to the playstation controller from ps2 & ps3 4) stop these arguments there will never he a winner


Where does Kaz actually say "Our new system will be released after the next Xbox"? Nowhere. This has been blown way out of context (shocker!) all over the Internet. He simply said Sony wouldn't show or announce anything before Microsoft shows or announces theirs.

Not a very smart article.

"Sony president, Kaz Hirai, seems to be content on repeating the company’s PlayStation 3 launch mistake by holding off PlayStation 4 (Orbis) release until Microsoft has launched its Xbox 360 predecessor (Durango)." That wasn't their big launch mistake, their big launch mistake was its introductory price. Sure, it launched a year and a half later but that didn't hurt them *too* much. Plus, most people only expect the PS4 to launch a few months after the next Xbox so it's nowhere near as big a disparity. I'm sure Sony's offerings will continue to outshine Microsoft's, with Microsoft's only real strength being advertising. Well, that and the casual appeal of Kinect, but I think that's what's gonna lose them their hardcore market.

Why the **** does an article

Why the **** does an article about PS4 possibly being released after the release of X720 get like 2 pages of comments about which console that has been released years ago is the best? This article is about the upcoming consoles, not the past ones so everybody could just take their arguments and go somewhere else.

Who really cares?

I have all 3 and i play on all 3, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The Xbox 360 is the best selling console because it has the best support, developers can easily develop for it and microsoft ensure these developers are paid a fortune for the best games. The PS3 is more a media platform than a games machine, PS online is utterly terrible in every sense, especially when compared with Xbox Live, their is simply no comparison. PS Online is both unstable, and unsafe and only now have Sony decided to revise its security, Little to late really. However the PS3 is a very capable machine and the blu-ray drive is always useful. We all know the PC will always be ahead of consoles, and frankly who cares? if you want to keep spending hundreds or thousands on new parts or machines every year go ahead, you are clearly as silly as the manufacturers hope you are. Games still look great on both the PS3 and Xbox even after this many years, so with the new hardware i cannot wait to see what they will produce. Roll on both PS4 and Xbox 720 i say, competition is a good thing and i hope these two companies continue to compete, as this serves us (the consumer) better hardware and better deals in the long run.

I don't have a 360 so I can't

I don't have a 360 so I can't vouch for how their system handles, but I've never had a problem with it being unstable (assuming by unstable you mean disconnects a lot). Admittedly I vastly prefer PC gaming to PS3, but from what I've played on it, it seems fine. And as for it not being secure, I'd have to ask if you think the 360 would have survived a similar hacking attempt... if I've learned anything about anonymous, it's that they are surprisingly efficient at taking down secure systems. Playstations big mistake was earning their ire, not having a crappy online service. And even if it is both those things you have already said, just remember: you get what you pay for, which in the PSN's case is nothing.


look you guys, the pc fan boys the ps3 fan boys and the 360 fan boys, I have a wii a ps3 and a 360. the 360 died within 1 year of moderate gaming. Microsofts customer support is just plain un helpful and the value is terrible. picure this.... a 4 gig. 360 goes for... around 200$. a 80gig ps3 slim goes for around...250. whats the better value? the ps3. xbox fin boys argument better game quality... lets look at that, shall we? the xbox uses DVD format disks. the ps3s game disks are blu ray. the ps3s online community is healthy and lacks as many little kids and squeekers. another xbox argument is the controller sucks. well, get a 3 party controller. they make controlers thar are like the 360 for a ps3. sony made the right move delaying the ps4. when Microsoft makes there console I hope its not a piece of steaming, overheating lump of ****. ps:ive had 5 360 die on me, 2 computers die, and ZERO ps3s die. and customer service is fomamal. I had a download GTA EFLC that they messed up, they gave me twice what I payed. I bet xbox doesent give a **** about the gamers. if you don't bieleve me, try to call there security team. and asy why your banned 4 life. they read back the e-mail I got. I know what I did, I just wanted to try them. they say we cant disclose that info. its like going to trial for murder and the procution says we know you did it, the judge asks for proof and thay say" uh uh we cant dislose that info or how we got it. PS3 FTW


wrong the xbox thats 200 is better priced cause you can buy a 250gb harddrive for 50$ and bam now you have a 254gb xbox for the same price you got a 80gb ps3 ... thats what i did mine also came with the kinect so for 250 $ you can get 250gb xbox 360 with kinect and the ps3 is 80gb and you still have to buy all the accessories if you want them

Regarding value vs hdd.

Regarding value vs hdd. On the 360: You cannot add the hard drives together, you must remove one and install the other. You will lose the 4GB and gain 50GB. You are also limited by buying the enclosed drive only from Microsoft. On the PS3 side: You can remove the hdd, and replace it with any 2.5" sata hdd (500 GB=$54.99+tax & shipping). I would have to say PS3 is the better value on this point.

They die to.

My PS3 is sitting in the floor next to my tv dead. My xbox, still working fine. PS3 won't even let me eject the game so I can sell it. It's dead and greedy!

1) Microsoft recalled all the

1) Microsoft recalled all the early models that could have been defective and offered a free replacement system for the first 4 years of the consoles life. So on that note you are full of ****. 2) Your assertion that PSN has "less kids and squeekers" is completely false. A quick browse around YouTube for COD videos can proove this within minutes. In fact because PSN is FREE it actually has more young and immature gamers than XBL. FACT. 3) Your assertion that PS3s are immune to hardware failure is 100% false. In fact a quick Google search just showed me that in fact PS3 and XBOX 360 have nearly identical rates of hardware failure for their early models. In conclusion, stop acting like you know what you are talking about. You obviously are an idiot fanboy. PS: I own PS3, XBOX 360, Wii, Wii-U, three PCs (gaming rigs) and a plethora of other systems. I hold no loyalty towards any but I do prefer either Xbox or PC.


The reason the PS3 was delayed was because of the diode in the Blu-ray drive, was nothing to do with processing power. Learn alittle before putting false articles out.

PS4 & XBOX720 will both suck.

The PS4 specs were released after XBOX720, and they still suck. They're not better really. They're pretty much the same, and while trying to contend with modern computers, they're pretty obsolete already by today's standards. Who knows how *******they'll be compared to when they're actually released.

Well... Actually...

You're not correct. The reality is that the newer consoles have specs that are fairly approximate to a current-day mid-to-high grade gaming rig. The specs are respectable and WILL yield a much more superior gaming experience compared to the current generation of consoles. THAT SAID... As in the past; they will be quickly outdated by future PC hardware advances. What you're not taking into account, that the game devs are using the hardware to a much fuller effect than they tend to on PC. Given the limitations of that hardware, they are forced to be more innovative and clever with it. So far, they've managed to do extremely innovative things with current console hardware and have exceeded the expectations of it. (Which is actually a good thing.) Here's the beautiful part, though... The console manufacturers are going to be competing with newer, less-expensive hardware that will also yield awesome multimedia experiences. (Ouya, Xi3/Steam's "PISTON" etc.) SOME of that competitor hardware will be upgradeable. This is going to force Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to REALLY re-think their strategies in the console business....and HOPEFULLY, they'll follow through on that directive. (All the while keeping COST down...) People are just tired of being stuck with the same thing for 5-10 years. They are demanding more and FASTER from their hardware. They are no longer content to accept whatever they are handed as they wait for the next advancement. Console systems are going to eventually become more like PC's in some ways. They HAVE to or they will likely fail under the unforgiving gaze of the consumer. (Especially us gamers.) Don't be so short-sighted. Look at the situation in the long-term and realize the impact of the market's past on the future.

Console Console

Rather heated debate going on up in here -- but everyone is ignoring the real problem which is so typical. PS3 can get back on top, once it pays the major game developers (like Activision) a ton of money and changes its programing plat for to make it easier to develope on. Until that happens Sony whether it releases PS4 tomorrow or in 10 years will not be the number one console.

I have been in retail through

I have been in retail through this entore generation of systems so I'm chiming in to clear up some confusion. Yes, PS3 is technically better because of storage space, color, and resolution that the 360 can't replicate due to processor speed. Yes, it was a mistake that Sony released later than the 360, it drove many of their would be customers directly into Microsoft's arms. Sony is not going out of business any time soon, but not at all for the sales of the console as both Microsoft and Sony takes a hit of every console they sell. Sony tried to recouperate some of this money (as they took a very large hit, I don't remember an exact number but it is easily in the hundreds) by downgrading the PS3 to no longer be backwords compatible so PS2's still sold, and before you say it, yes we sold quite a bit of them because ps3's price point was way too high for most people as they just bought a 360. The only reason people are buying PS3's so much is that they are the highest rated bluray player currently on the market, mostly because of the amount of ram they contain. Which means the royalty Sony gets from most of their console sales are not close to making up the money they lost on the console itself. And Ps3's are junk, just like 360's. Just as there were 4 versions of PS2's depending what facility manufactured your unit, each with their own problems same thing happened with the PS3. Although the average user would never know the dfference between them as they way you tell was what pieces (like screws) were missing from inside. On the PS3 there is a thing called the "yellow eye" it is the same problem as the red ring but under a different name, the reason it happens is even the same, just like microsoft, sony didn't want to install a liquid cooling system for size, weight, and cost reasons but they really should be liquid cooled instead of air. Also did you know the reason you have probably never heard of the yellow eye is that sony made sure the media knew about the problem and made sure it stayed in the public eye? Now for the lazy people.... Tl;dr PS3 sucks, so does the 360. I own both. sources - 10 years in technology retailers, 3 of those years as technology repair, Sony's training website for employees.

Thank you

Thank you . I happen to be a ps3 gamer because the controller fits in my hand better. I don't see much of a big difference when it comes to different gaming consoles. But thanks for the technical info

your wrong and stupid

listen dumb **** ur stupid ok first off there is no end to sony and there wont be ur ******* stupid. and second off why dont we just wait n see oh u say xbox has real games let me guess ur talking about halo right but sony has resistance, uncharted, n gta n call of duty came from ps1 so do ur research xbox paid to have gta dumb *** n paid to get call of duty dlc one month early u r dumb n who u think gets the money ? right n xbox break well to often i went threw 5 360's n i still have my first ps3 since launch date n i can leave it on for weeks while after a hour of gameplay on the 360 it start getting hot and the fact of the matter is all system r the same except 4 a few odd games here n there cause if that was the case we wouldnt need all these different systems. n to think the xbox is made from microsoft smh with all that money u ******* still get the red ring n its only a 50 cent problem watch how the 720 gets beat


If you are going to call people stupid perhaps you should try using proper grammer, because any point youm may have made (none by the way) is lost when you look like a raving loon.

U mad bro?

I swear in all of my life I have never seen someone get all riled up over some **** game systems, and get even more charged when being told how to use proper grammer. Goodness people get a grip already. I don't care about system specs or what system is better...just shut up and play something that'll calm you down.

no ps4 bankruptcy of sony coming soon

I just like to say **** ps4 it might be a ps4 or if not u know they are bankrupt besides a can't can't stand sony with they broke *** they lost $32:billion dollars they throw money away more then they make money so stop hating on Nintendo and Xbox u Sony fanboys open ur eyes and see Sony dayz are coming to an end Nintendo and Xbox we still be here and wait, wait ,no Sony no Sony fanboys bots **** Sony with there weak azz controller it not about power people wake the **** up and open ur eyes Sony sucks di** and ballz they still broke bankrupt dinosaur stop hating on Nintendo they get them hard core games back ps ps2 ps3 ps4 maybe or bankrupt Nintendo and Xbox all the way I wish death on sorry Sony company and it's cell phones and its failed tv sells death is coming to Sony. SOON CAN'T WAIT.

Re - real gamers are on xbox

Wow, just.. wow. Not only is this statement one that a child would make (though I applaud you on your correct use of spelling and punctuation) this is factually false. Please, pretty please, grow up and realize that the console doesn't matter... at all. You can get controllers that look like Xbox/PS3 for each system, you can Plug PS3/Xbox controllers into computers if your a PC gamer. You can get a ton of games on ALL systems, which look good on ALL systems. You get the shrill 12 yr old kids on ALL systems who scream into the mic. You get the "brah's" on ALL systems who think its cool to camp/glitch/connection switch, and hack in the game. If your more worried about what system your playing on.. you are not a "real gamer".. your a poser trying to fit in with the "brah's"...PS3/Xbox/Wii/SNES/NES/Genesis/Dreamcast/3DS/Vita/PSP/Game Gear/PC (own these)- don't matter what system, its about the games...


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