4x4 Evolution - 1 Million

4x4 Evolution - 1 Million 4x4 Evolution - 1 Million 4x4 Evolution - 1 Million 4x4 Evolution - 1 Million

1 Million

During gameplay type 'goldfinger'. Then type 'givememoneyordie'. Now exit gameplay.


Always make a backup copy before making any changes. Open the file 'metal.ini' in the system folder of the game folder. Go down to the profiles and change the value of 'Cash' to '9E4q7fYKoZWNUxfup7GNuQSsT'

During the game hit

ENTERSHIFTALTE and one of the following
4x4=big tires
5x5=big trucks
99x99=no game over

Treasure Chest

Look under the railroad tracks on the first race of the Amature Series

Also try going left right before check-point 3 on the second race of the Amature Series

Extra Money

Farm Road 109:
go to Farm Road 109. As you race you will cross under checkpoint 3 and then turn to the right and cross the bridge. Fall off the bridge and drive under it. There should be a treasure chest sitting under the bridge in the middle.

Treasure Bay:
As you are racing go acroos checkpoint 2 and you will see an old abandoned ship with two holes in the middle. One of the holes has a treasure chest in it.

Race and after you cross checkpoint 5 you turn a curve and you will see a red tent and a green tent on the hill. Drive up there and you will see 1 or 2 porta-jons. Push the porta-jon around until it says you found some money.