Alien Shooter: Vengeance

Alien Shooter: Vengeance

Game Cheats:
If you need help type one of the following codes without the quotes during gameplay to activate the corresponding effect in the game.

Type 'st2'

Kill ALL Monsters on the Map:
Type 'stk9'

Kill ALL Monsters inside a Radius of 1000 Pixels from the Character:
Type 'stkk'

Make ALL skills (except Perk) 100 or 200 sequential and Add 50000 Money:
Type 'stgod'

+ 100 Skills of Weapons Reloading:
Type 'cheatw'

+ 10,000 Money:
Type 'stm' or 'cheatm'

+ 50 to the Speed Skill:
Type 'cheats'

Gives 1,000 hp:
Type 'cheath'

Gives 15,000 hp:
Type 'st1'

Gives Ammo:
Type 'stammo'

Adds enough Exp to get New Level:
Type 'stexp' or 'cheatexp'

Complete Level Successfully:
Type 'stwnn'

Download Shop on the Level:
Type 'stshop'

Remove Gamma on the Level:
Type 'remgamma'

Stop Current Track:
Type 'stmusstop'

Turn the X Number of Tracks:
Type 'stmus(x)'

Turn OnOff Current Statistics:
Type 'stat'