Alpha Prime - Cheat Codes


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Cheat Codes:
While playing, press [CTRL][ALT][F3] to access the console. Then type any of the following cheat codes. These codes are CASE-SENSITIVE.

Code - Result
leach - Skip Level
rasputin - God Mode
xylophone - All Weapons
fodder - All Ammo
quack - Max Health
coke - Bullet Time to Max
showai - Show AI
CheatHealth 1/0 - Extra Energy On/Off
CheatImmortality 1/0 - Unlimited Energy On/Off
CheatWeapons 1/0 - All Weapons On/Off
CheatAmmo 1/0 - All Ammo On/Off
CheatHubbardium 1/0 - Extra Powers On/Off
CheatNextLevel 1/0 - Skip Level On/Off

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