Alpha Prime v1.3 (+9 Trainer) [h4x0r]

Alpha Prime v1.3 (+9 Trainer) [h4x0r]

Alpha Prime v1.3 (+9 Trainer) [h4x0r]

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h4x0r #
                             .: h4x0r Present :.
                      Alpha Prime v1.3 + 9 Trainer
   Release On   : 12  September 2010          Disk Amount/Format : 1 rar
   Type of Game : Action                      Plataform   : RETAIL
   Game Version : v1.3                        Fixed Exe : ReUnion
         Somewhere deep in space, hidden in  the  infinity  of  the
         Universe, there is a treasure trove  just  waiting  to  be
         opened by the eager hands of a  daring  explorer.  A  mere
         asteroid, a piece of rock, a speck of  dust  lost  in  the
         boundless void, yet priceless to humanity. For  under  its
         frozen crust there are rich veins  of  the  most  precious
         substance known to man  hubbardium. This  liquid  metal
         is a key ingredient in the  fuel  of  interstellar  ships,
         thus enabling mankind to spread across the  Universe  from
         its base on Earth. Its importance is the reason why it  is
         monopolized by  the  State  Business  Federation,  a  huge
         multinational corporation  which  is  given  control  over
         every  single  step  in  production  of  hubbardium,  from
         exploration to distribution.
         And so, when this asteroid, subsequently named Alpha Prime
         and its fabulous riches were discovered,  the  Corporation
         quickly came, and a  huge,  sprawling  base  was  promptly
         built on its surface as the giant  mining  machines  begun
         its work.
         But all was not well on Alpha Prime. While its  hubbardium
         veins  might  be  plentiful,  some  of  them   were   also
         dangerous. They slowly  intoxicated  the  minds  of  human
         workers, and damaged the positron brains of the artificial
         ones, including the central computer.  Conditions  on  the
         base became highly unstable and  the  Corporation  finally
         decided to seal off the entire facility  and  leave.  Only
         the most basic maintenance and security, including weapons
         systems, were left turned on. To prevent the base  falling
         into ruin.... and  to  prevent  illegal  prospectors  from
         entering and resuming the mining operation.
         But they came anyway. The lure of the unimaginable  wealth
         of Alpha Prime was too strong.  Moreover,  some  of  these
         illegal visitors were naturally  quite  resistant  to  the
         effects  of  bad  hubbardium.  So  they  arrived,   they
         circumvented  security  protocols  and  partially  resumed
         mining. Their use  of  hubbardium  was  rather  different,
         though. They didnt want to produce  fuel;  they  came  to
         make hubbardium into a powerful drug, worth its weight  in
         gold  on  the  black  market.  If   the   operation   went
         successfully, they  would  become  multimillionaires.  But
         they miscalculated. Alpha Prime hubbardium was  apparently
         too strong and started to exert influence  even  over  the
         hardened minds of the miners. There  was  something  very,
         very weird about this asteroid. It didnt take long before
         they started to become desperate and called for help.  One
         of those on the  team,  Warren,  called  his  old  friend,
         Arnold, a seasoned,  hubbardium  resistant  explorer,  and
         asked him  to  come  and  help  them  out  of  their  dire
         And even though YOU, Arnold, already quit some  time  ago,
         you  were  finally  persuaded,   less   by   the   obvious
         desperation on Warrens face than by appeals  to  consider
         your tight financial situation by Livia, your girlfriend.
         So now its time to board your ship and head  towards  the
                             Trainer Options:
                    INSERT - ENABLE TRAINER
                    NUMPAD1 - UNLIMITED HEALTH
                    NUMPAD2 - UNLIMITED OXIGEN
                    NUMPAD3 - UNLIMITED FLASHLIGHT
                    NUMPAD4 - UNLIMITED BULLET TIME
                    NUMPAD5 - UNLIMITED CLIPS
                    NUMPAD6 - NO RELOAD
                    NUMPAD7 - ONE HIT KILLS
                    NUMPAD8 - SUPER SPEED
                    NUMPAD9 - SLOW MOTION
                    NUMPAD0 - RESTORE SPEED
                    ----Exra Options----
                    F2 - SHOW-HIDE CLOCK/TEXT
                    F12 - SHOW-HIDE MENU
                    HOME - DISABLE ALL
                                SC ENGINE
                             Ascii by [jx0!]
    Team Members:
    Trainer Maker  ................................................ [ h4x0r # ]
    GameHacker .................................................... [ Cocodrilo ]

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