Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits - New Gamebr

Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits - New Gamebr
New Game:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the New Game option. This allows you to start as Kharg with a King Statuette, 999 Spirit Stones, 3 Diamond Coatings, and 100,000 G; or Darc with a Romantic Stone, 999 Spirit Stones, 3 Diamond Coatings, 10 Bountiful Fruit, 50 Dilzweld Bombs, and 100,000 G.

Secret Characters:
Diekbeck: When controlling Kharg's party beat the 20 round Arena trial in Cathena to get Diekbeck

Choco: When controlling Darc's party beat the 30 round arena trial in Rueloon to get Choco

Get more skill/magic:
When certain characters "class up" at the end of the battle screen, this indicates you can learn new skill or magic. Go to the menu, select the character that "classed up" and select "Skill". The magic/skill menu will appear, displaying both the learned magic/skill and skill/magics that have not been learned. Choose the one you want to learn and pay the "SP cost" to get it. Note: You get SP by attacking and , killing enemies.
-from Whit3-Wolf

Japanese dialogue:
Hold R1 R2 R3 buttons when selecting the language option at the options screen. A new option for Japanese will appear.

When fighting enemies such as the Delzweld soldiers, defeat the commanders first. They often carry equipment you can use or sell.

When you fight Cameillia, and afterwards Droguza, find the blue and green boxes on the battle field and break them open before ending the battle. The contents are well worth the effort.

When inside the Flying Castle, do not go directly to the elevators to fight the Divine Ruler. Instead, search each floor for the treasure rooms. There is powerful equipment for every character spread throughout the fortress.

Start game as Kharg:
Complete the game and you'll unlock the option New Game. This options lets you begin the game as Kharg with the following items in his possession: King Statuette, 3 Diamond coatings, 999 Spririt Stones, 10 Bountiful Fruit, 50 Dilzweld Bombs, and 100,000 Gold.

Spirit Amulet Special Item:
In Kharg's story: Rivalry, once you have obtained the Lamda sutra, and have had it read, return to the library and open the special door again. A Diekbeck imposter will be on the stand where the Lamda sutra was. Talk to him and say he is lying when he says he leader of the Ultra-Mech Squad. Then he will ask ten questions, the following answers are correct.

1. Counterclockwise.
2. A cat.
3. Beautiful stones.
4. Palkia.
5. The entrants' lunches.
6. Dice.
7. The shinobi gang.
8. Lakelta.
9. A pipe.
10. Buster.

You will be awarded a Spirit Amulet which blocks all elemental attacks except for dark attacks