Arcana Heart 3

Arcana Heart 3


Successfully complete Story mode to view the Arcade and Console version of the credits at the "Gallery" menu.

Successfully complete Story mode with a character to unlock their ending sequence(s) at the "Gallery" menu.

Cut-in illustrations
Successfully complete Story mode with a character to unlock their cut-in illustration(s) at the "Gallery" menu.

Link animations
Successfully complete Story mode with a character to unlock their link animation at the "Gallery" menu. Note: Ragnarok's link animation is unlocked when Story mode is completed with any character.

Select the indicated character in any mode to unlock the corresponding illustration at the "Gallery" menu.
Akane Illustrations: Akane.
Angelia Illustrations: Angelia.
Arcana of Blossoms Kayatsuhime Illustrations: Kayasuhime.
Arcana of Darkness Gier Illustrations: Gier.
Arcana of Earth Ohtsuchi Illustrations: Ohtsuchi.
Arcana of Evil Dieu Mort Illustrations: Dieu Mort.
Arcana of Fire Lang-Gong Illustrations: Lang-Gong.
Arcana of Ice Almacia Illustrations: Almacia.
Arcana of Light Mildred Illustrations: Mildred.
Arcana of Lightning Bhanri Illustrations: Bhanri.
Arcana of Love Partinias Illustrations: Partinias.
Arcana of Luck Saligrama Illustrations: Saligrama.
Arcana of Magnetism Median Illustrations: Median.
Arcana of Metal Oreichalkos Illustrations: Oreichalkos.
Arcana of Mirrors Heliogabalus Illustrations: Heliogabalus.
Arcana of Nature Moriomoto Illustrations: Moriomoto.
Arcana of Punishment Koshmar Illustrations: Koshmar.
Arcana of Sin Sorwat Illustrations: Sorwat.
Arcana of Sounf Phenex Illustrations: Phenex.
Arcana of the Holy Zilrael Illustrations: Zilrael.
Arcana of Time Anutpada Illustrations: Anutpada.
Arcana of Water Niptra Illustrations: Niptra.
Arcana of Wind Tempestas Illustrations: Tempestas.
Catherine Illustrations: Catherine.
Clarice Illustrations: Clarice.
Dorothy Illustrations: Dorothy.
Eko Illustrations: Eko.
Elsa Illustrations: Elsa.
Fiona Illustrations: Fiona.
Heart Illustrations: Heart.
Kamui Illustrations: Kamui.
Kira Illustrations: Kira.
Konoha Illustrations: Konoha.
Lieselotte Illustrations: Lieselotte.
Lilica Illustrations: Lilica.
Maori Illustrations: Maori.
Mei-Fang Illustrations: Mei-Fang.
Mildred Illustrations: Mildred.
Nazuna Illustrations: Nazuna.
Petra Illustrations: Petra.
Saki Illustrations: Saki.
Scharlachrot Illustrations #1: Scharlachrot.
Scharlachrot Illustrations #2: Scharlachrot.
Spirit of Fenrir Baldur Illustrations: Fenrir Baldur.
Spirit of Tyr Gottfried Illustrations: Tyr Gottfried.
Weiss Illustrations: Weiss.
Yoriko Illustrations: Yoriko.
Zenia Illustrations: Zenia.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

A Learning Computer (Bronze): As Mei-Fang, defeated an opponent without taking any damage.
Any Color, So Long As It's Black (Bronze): Used The Hero, Minigawa, Launch! more than three times during a single match.
Arcana, Assemble! (Bronze): Fought and defeated all the Arcana in Network Mode.
Archangel (Bronze): Used all of the characters.
Atatatatatatatatatatatatatatata! (Bronze): Used the ultimate version of Shunkoku.
Critically Acclaimed (Bronze): Won using Critical Heart.
Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? (Bronze): Used more than 1,000 Ether Shocks.
Draw, Partner (Bronze): Saw all the versions of I'll Draw in a single match.
Enough Love To Go Around (Gold): Raised the RP Level of all characters to 3.
Flawless Victory (Bronze): Complete the move Garbh Dagda EF without pressing any unnecessary buttons.
Form of...Me Kicking Your Ass! (Bronze): Used more than five 360 motion special moves and won with a 360 motion special move.
Gone in 75 Seconds (Bronze): Landed the ultimate version of Ending Sadness.
Good Morning, Angels (Bronze): Fought and defeated all the characters in Network Mode.
I Don't Have Anything Elsa Left (Bronze): Got all of Elsa's weapons to show up during a single match.
I Need Support! (Bronze): Landed Hama No Shishiku and Taima No Zuikaku during a combo.
I Was Just Looking! (Silver): Unlocked all of the illustrations in Gallery Mode.
I'm Stuffed (Bronze): Caused over 20 stuffed animals to appear during Kawarimi no Jutsu.
I've Seen Everything (Silver): Watched all of the endings in Story Mode.
It's Moving...(Silver): Unlocked all of the link animations in Gallery Mode.
Mark III Chain Master (Bronze): Got a counter-hit using Restriction Unleashed-War Chain Wolkenkratzer EF.
Mark III Sword Summoner (Bronze): Executed a 100+ hit combo without using the help of an Arcana.
Mycana, Not Ourcana (Bronze): Used all of the Arcana.
No Train No Gain (Bronze): Practiced for 15 minutes straight in Training Mode.
No, I Expect You To Die (Bronze): Got all clean hits with Edinorog during Final Razdelenie EF.
Obtuse Angel (Bronze): Get a clean hit with Sacred Slayer EF.
Of Critical Importance (Bronze): Won using an Extended Critical Heart.
On The Streets and So Forth (Bronze): Ran the longest possible line off of a successful Wall Step.
Operation Nihon-Go (Bronze): Watched the bad ending in Story Mode.
Plays Well With Others (Bronze): Played your first Player Match.
Raise the Draw-Bridge! (Bronze): Performed Cinderella! when the numbers on the clock are lined up.
Rank and File (Bronze): Played your first Ranked Match.
Signed, Sealed, and Delivered (Bronze): Successfully input the follow-up attack to Fuuju-Narukami EF.
Storybook Ending (Bronze): Finished Story Mode.
Storybook Ending X-TREME (Silver): Finished Story Mode on the highest difficulty.
Sympathy for the Devil (Silver): Completed a 666 hit combo.
Taliswoman (Bronze): Completed all the follow-ups to Ancient Talisman in a single match.
That's S Words, Mr. Connery (Bronze): Used the moves Kagesuki, Kodama, Seizan, and Sazarashi in one round.
That's the Pooooower of Love (Bronze): Cleared Story Mode using Heart and the Arcana of Love.
The Alchemist of Life (Gold): Defeated Parace L'Sia in Score Attack Mode.
Twisted Sister (Bronze): Completed Geschick the Blood Linchpin over 4 times while the doll is inactive.
Un-Natural Female Enhancement (Bronze): Won while Extend Force was disabled.
What a Card (Bronze): Used all of Dorothy's card hands during a match.
With Our Powers Combined! (Bronze): Won using Arcana Blaze.
You Complete Me (Bronze): Absored life using II Rapimento.
You Only Have Eyes For Me! (Gold): Raised the RP Level of one character to 10