Assassin's Creed: Rogue

Assassin's Creed: Rogue

Game Cheats:
Broken computer locations:
Exit the Animus and find the following broken computers. Fixing them will reward
you with background files on various characters, factions or events in the world. Repairing some of these computers is required to progress the storyline. In the repair sequence, you must light up sections of a sphere Use the outer circles to move lines of power around until every section of the sphere gets a single point of power. The computers that require repair are highlighted on game map However, most of them are behind security doors which will only unlock after a progressing through the storyline. You will no longer be able to repair the computers after the game is completed.

Computer Location - Reward

#01-Second Floor: Server Room, Upper-Left - Rewards players with Inspiration: Al Mualim.
#02-Lobby: Server Room, Left Side - Vidic's New Recruit.
#03-Lobby: Upper-Left - Florence goes FUBAR.
#04-Second Floor: Near Elevator - Inspiration: Haytham Kenway.
#05-Second Floor: Locked Room on Right Side - The Soldiers.
#06-Second Floor: Center of Cubicle Farm - The Ankh.
#07-Lobby: Just outside of elevator hallway - Inspiration: Daniel Cross.
#08-Second Floor: Upper-left Meeting Room - The Leaders.
#09-15th Floor: Entrance Area - Sigma Team's Most Wanted: The Cult.
#10-Second Floor: Locked Room on Right Side - The Koh-i-Noor.
#11-Basement: Server on Left Side - Sigma Team's Most Wanted: Cross Training.
#12-Basement: Top Side of X Room - Inspiration: Duncan Walpole.
#13-15th Floor: Server Room on Upper - Inspiration: Baptiste.
#14-Second Floor: Locked Room on Left Side - New Orders.
#15-Second Floor: Locked Room on UpperRight - Sigma Team's Most Wanted: The Dead.
#16-Second Floor: Left side of Cubicle Farm - Lindsifarne.
#17-Second Floor: Locked Room on UpperRight - Cairo Debrief.
#18-Lobby: Top Side, on Right - The Box.
#19-Lobby: Just past elevator hallway - Paris.
#20-Basement: Right side of X Room - Sigma Team's Most Wanted: The Support.

Assassin Interception missions:
Complete all Assassin Interception missions to get the Templar Enforcer armor, which allows Shay to mark Stalkers from a greater distance. To start, look on the map for an Assassin Intercept quest icon. This indicates the location of a pigeon which is used by the Assassins to communicate. Pigeons are usually found perched high on buildings. Climb up and slowly make your way towards the bird. Moving too fast will cause the pigeon to fly away. Once close enough, follow the onscreen prompts to capture the bird. If you fail, the pigeon may fly off. If that happens, you can either chase it to where it lands or retry at some other time. After capturing the pigeon, you will know where the Assassins plan on attacking their target. Quickly travel to that area. The Assassins will be hiding in multiple locations around the victim. Each location will be marked by a circle to indicate their presence. You can find the Assassins through Eagle Vision or by simply looking for someone dressed in yellow. A person in a
yellow outfit that does not appear on the mini-map without the use of Eagle Vision is a confirmed Assassin. You must kill a certain number of Assassins before the timer expires. Killing all of them will reward you with a bonus, and make the next part easier. After the timer ends, the Assassins will attack the target, usually from rooftops or by sprinting through the streets. Watch both those areas and the mini-map to determine which direction the next attack is coming from. The victims are weak and will not survive for too long. Instead of climbing up to the rooftops to fight, shooting Assassins from below. The mission will be successful after all Assassins are killed.

Native pillar locations:
Travel to the indicated coordinates and complete the mini-game at a totem shrine to receive a native pillar artifact. After all seven are collected, travel to the Native American village near Orenda, River Valley at coordinates 271,-393. Turn in the artifacts to get the Native Armor outfit, which reduces incoming melee damage.

River Valley, Dekanawida (494,-658)
River Valley, Otetiani (109,-374)
River Valley, Genessee (369,-23)
River Valley, Aarushi (936,-48)
North Atlantic, Fogo (915,-67)
North Atlantic, Gros Morne (497,-309)
North Atlantic, Terra Nova (787,-480)

Viking sword locations:
Dig at the indicated coordinates to find a Viking sword. After all the swords are collected, fast travel to Pearl Island in the North Atlantic. Travel to the ancient site on the island at coordinates 949,-928 to get the Viking Armor outfit.

North Atlantic, Yarmouth (190,-906)
North Atlantic, Pearl Island (944,-933)
North Atlantic, Burgeo (549,-588)
North Atlantic, Grande Entree (364,-476)
North Atlantic, Harbour Deep (584,-358)
North Atlantic, Port Meinier (298,-142)
North Atlantic, Fogo (916,-67)
North Atlantic, Anticosti (188,-144)
River Valley, Vieille Carriere (555,-42)
River Valley, Old Growth (288,-531)
River Valley, Twin Snake Path (662,-588)
River Valley, Ash Creek (267,-879)
River Valley, Or du Nord (945,-135)
River Valley, Lac Eternel (427,-370)
New York, North Medium (386,-249)

War letter locations:
There are a total of 35 war letters hidden in various locations.

01. My Faithful Acolytes : River Valley, Old Growth.
02. Laurence of America : River Valley, Marais Rocheux.
03. The First Colonial Assassin : River Valley, Twin Snake Path.
04. The Manila Galleons : River Valley, Albany.
05. The Omani Arabs : River Valley, Coeur de L'Hiver.
06. Death of the Executioner : New York, King's Farm.
07. The Siege of Louisbourg : New York, East Village.
08. The Scientist : New York, Stuyvesant's Farm.
09. All Over the World : New York, Lower Manhattan.
10. Dead End : New York, Waterfront.
11. Front Company : North Atlantic, Anticosti.
12. The Fiend Nadir Shah : North Atlantic, Lewisporte.
13. The Siege of Bergen-op-Zoom : North Atlantic, Miramichi.
14. The Hospitaller's Plea : North Atlantic, Port aux Basques.
15. Audition : North Atlantic, St. John's.
16. The Swedish Levant Company : North Atlantic, Yarmouth.
17. The Clerk : North Atlantic, Glace Bay.
18. Mediterranean Defense : North Atlantic, Sept-lles.
19. Art History : River Valley, lle de Pins.
20. Fit to Serve : River Valley, Le Bras du Seugneur.
21. The Kingdom of Mysore : River Valley, Fleur de Vent.
22. Arrange Marriage : River Valley, Mount Vernon.
23. The Ghost of the North : River Valley, Riviere Aurifiere.
24. Ruinous Reinette : New York, Greenwich.
25. Monro : Complete the Savannah mission in the Fleet Campaign.
26. The Stalwart : Complete the Le Havre mission in the Fleet Campaign.
27. Cuban Salvage : Complete the Havana mission in the Fleet Campaign.
28. A Thief in the Night : Complete the Santa Maria de Belem mission in the Fleet Campaign.
29. Chichen Itza : Complete the Cartagena mission in the Fleet Campaign
30. First Mate : Complete the Goree Islande mission in the Fleet Campaign.
31. A Door of No Return : Complete the Stockholm mission in the Fleet Campaign.
32. Warning : Complete the Malta mission in the Fleet Campaign.
33. Savannah : Complete the Mozambique mission in the Fleet Campaign.
34. Family Vacation : Complete the Calcutta mission in the Fleet Campaign.
35. Family Reunion : Complete the Manila mission in the Fleet Campaign.

Other Ubisoft Games:
If you look around in the offices located near the Animus, you'll find various Ubisoft games displayed, such as FarCry and Splinter Cell.

General Tips:
Don't forget about fast travel. If it seems like sailing the seas in your ship is taking too long to get to a new objective, find a shortcut on the map.
Be sure to upgrade the Morrigan often, as there are quite a few missions involving the ship.
When you need to quickly get away from ground troops, smoke bombs are your best friend.
In Rogue you have to counter attacks with careful timing, so pay attention to when an enemy is about to strike. If you do it too early or too late the enemy will still hit you.
Don't focus too much on side activities in Rogue. It tells a compelling narrative that highlights the transformation of protagonist Shay, which is worth seeing. Make sure you do enough story missions early on to get to the Templar storyline.
Try to get to high ground and use your air rifle if you plan to take the stealthy approach.