Backyard Baseball - Power Up Hints and How to Get Locked Stadiums

Backyard Baseball - Power Up Hints and How to Get Locked Stadiums

Power Up Hints and How to Get Locked Stadiums

Ok, first of all the powerups. They'll give you funky pitches/swings.1If you strike someone out, you'll get a pitching powerup.
2If you get a double play you will get a hitting powerup that will show up when you go in to bat like the pitching ones.
3If you make a dive catch you'll usually receive a powerup. I can't say for what because I've gotten hitting and pitching for that.
4Once in a while if you hit or catch a powerup pitch or hit, you might get a powerup, its happened to me a couple of times. :

To get one of the locked stadiums, just make it to, and I believe win, the World Series. For the second one Aquadome, You have to hit the ball into the swamp at Gator Flats, into the pond at Frazier Field, and into the pool at Steele Stadium .You can do this on, quick play, season mode, or homerun derby.

Ultimate Team

To pick the ultimate team you have to pick Barry Bonds for left, ichrio for center and sammy sosa for right.for 1st jim thome, 2nd shawn green/short is a-rod, 3rd is derek jeter, catcher pablo, and pitcher pedro martinaz

The REAL Ultimate Team

The ultimate team is: Catcher=PabloBatting 8; 1st Base=KieshaBatting 6; 2nd Base=PeteBatting 1; 3rd Base=A-RodBatting 2; Short Stop=Derek JeterBatting 9; Right Field=Sammy SosaBatting 5; Center Field=IchroBatting 3; Left Field=Barry BondsBatting 4; and Pitcher=Randy JohnsonBatting 7

Just trust me Randy Johnson is batting 7th when you think he should be batting 9th. If he was batting 9th, you would most likly get out with him. With Jeter at 9th, he will get on base more often and will set up Pete Wheeler for a possible RBI.

Leading and Stealing

To Lead:

Before you select your bat press "y" Control Pad to the base you want to lead to.
Example: y cont.pad up = lead to second

Note: Press again to lead further- just be careful not to get picked off

To Steal:

Before you select your bat press "A" Control Pad to the base you want to steal.
Example: A cont. pad up = steal second.

Batting Stance

To adjust your batter's batting stance:

Press "R" to make your batter move right.
Press "L" to make your batter move left.

You can do this as many times as you want and can set your batter's stance back to normal.

Pick Off a Runner

To pick off a runner:

Before or after you select your pitch point
C Stick to the base you want to pick the runner off at.
Example: C Stick right= pick off to first.

Note: Keep an eye on the runner's progress at the top left part of the screen on the base diagram.

Cool Tip: When there are runner's on first and third, the runner on first almost always takes a big lead- a pick off attempt to first in this situation is almost a sure out and most of the time you even get a power-up for batting/pitching

Better players

Major league players perform better when they play for their real-life teams.


Bunt only if you have 2 outs and you will most likely get on base.
Submitted by Josh Suite


Players on their real team like Randy Jonhson on the Diomondbacks will perform better.
Submitted by Justin


Hit a homer 3 times with the same person to get a power up
Submitted by coocoo