Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II - Cheat menu


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Cheat menu

Hold L1 R1 triangle square circle X, start to enable the invulnerabilty and level warp menu.


Hold L1 R1 triangle square circle X, press L2.

More Characters

Extreme Mode - Complete the game on any setting
Artemis Entreri - Complete Extreme Mode
Drizzt Do'Urdan - Complete the game on any setting

Getting a High Level Character

Hold L1, R2, R3 the right stick, Left and press Start. This changes your character into a level twenty character with one point in every single ability in the game. You also get 75 thousand gold pieces to play around with.

NOTE: The cheat that lets your character get to level 20 with one point in each feat and 75000 gold is not all it seems. You will only get, and ever have during the game, ONE point in every feat NO EXCEPTIONS. Your character will also stay level 20 the max level a character can reach is 40

Get Gauntlet Mode

To unlock Gauntlet mode, complete the game once on any difficulty.

Easy level up

Save right before a big boss fight, and then beat it to get the experience points. Now go back to the save point and save again, only in a different slot. Remember which game file is before the fight and which one is after the fight. Next, load the game that is before the fight, and import your character from after the fight. Use him to beat the boss again. Repeat this process as much as you want to keep gaining experience points.

Mess with Loading Screen

You can mess with the loading screen by moving the Right Analog stick.

Move Faster

This may get annoying, but in order to move faster, you can jump everywhere instead of walking. It will make the trip go about 1.5x faster.

Rob The Dead

This is a basic data manipulation "cheat" you can use to legitimately increase cash or clone rare items. Load any character, then bring up the in-game menu and load up a different character as if you'd normally do to play a co-operative game.

Proceed to drop all of the new guy's equipment and you can sell, keep, or give to friends. Save the first character but not the second - having two memory cards may make this easier, and repeat the process for as long as you want.

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