Band Of Bugs - Achievements

Band Of Bugs - Achievements
Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Recruit 10 points: Complete the Tutorial.

Skilled 20 points: Use 25 skills or spells.

Let Loose the Bugs of War 40 points: Complete the single-player campaign.

Tactical Maneuvers 20 points: Earn five of every hit bonus type outside of the tutorials.

Wet Bug Smell 15 points: Defeat an opponent by knocking him into the water.

Big Game Hunter 10 points: Show the barbarians up in food hunt.

Third Time's the Charm 5 points: Win three multiplayer games.

Gold Digging Ants 20 points: Earn 20 gold medals.

Spider Tamer 10 points: Earn 30 points in a single Spider Hunter game.

Ice Maker 15 points: Freeze 50 water tiles.

Good Host 15 points: Host 10 multiplayer games.

Bouncer 20 points: Win a scenario by knocking all opponents out of playable area