The Bard's Tale Trilogy

The Bard's Tale Trilogy

Tips for Beginners:

- Run Away. Know the monsters in the area, and if they are too strong for
your team, Run.

- You want to avoid monsters that hit hard and exceed your ability to heal.

- In the initial Skara Brae area, hard hitting random monsters include Nomads,
Barbarians, Skeletons, Orcs, Dwarves, and Mercenaries. Don’t fight these with
your low level party. Run away at all costs.

- What do you fight at low levels? Find small groups of weak monsters… Hobbits,
Kobolds, Thieves, and so on. Monsters with weak damage dice allow your team
to survive a bad round of combat.

- Survival and advancement… That’s the grind you’ll need to repeat over and over.

- Kill weak monster groups and take their stuff. Gear up, repeat. In Skara Brae,
you can easily raise a few levels on weak monsters if you grind well. Once
you’ve leveled a couple times, then seek out the Wine Cellar.

- One method of grinding in Skara Brae… The endless door kick. When you exit the
Adventurers’ Guild, turn right.

- There are two houses that face each other, 1 step south of the Guild hall.

- You can keep moving forward, shuffling between those two houses with the "W"
key to walk forward. No need to turn around… The buildings do that for you.
The idea is to repeat this over and over, grinding the random encounters until
you level up.

Level a Character to 50 for the Master Acheivement (Cheese Guide):

I wasn't going to grind for this trophy but it was the only one I didn't have,
which stupidly bothered me. I then realised I could do it quite quickly with a
bit of a cheesing 1980's style.

I would recommend doing this for the trophy only - create a new save using your
existing party and then delete said save after you get the trophy.

I completed this in less time it took to write this guide - that's taking my
Bard up 23 levels! Definitely seems the easiest way to get the acheivement but
if anyone has a better way let us all know!

What You'll Need:
A Bard of fairly high level - Mine was lvl 27 but I think you could probably
do this from around lvl 20 if your AC is good enough (mine was -19).

A couple of Flame / Frost horns (you could also possible get away with Fire)
with full charge, or possibly just one.

One Mage with Lvl 7 Magician / Conjurer spells - will be a pain without this
but not impossible.

What to Do:
Get your party of 2 and head to the catacombs. Use you mage to teleport to the
staircase on Level 2 at N8 E11 and go down to lvl 3, or walk but beware of traps.
From there get your Mage to cast Ybarra Shield, Greater Revelation & Greater
Levitation and your bard to play Travellers Tune and then walk to N4 E13
(running from the battle at N7 E12).

You will face some 69 Ghouls. Attack, then set your Bard to defence, and your
mage to attack. Repeat until your Mage is dead! Then attack again, and use your
Flame (or equivilant) horn against the Ghouls to finish them off easily. You won't
be able to open the chest but that's not important. Your bard should not get hit
if he / she is levelled enough.

After the battle is over, go to N3 E9 on the same level. Fight the 36 Wights and
again use the Flame Horn to finish them off quickly.

This two battles will net your bard circa 153K exp! Go back to the stairs at N8
E13 and go to the second floor, then immediately go back down and repeat the two
battles. Repeat until you have 2.8m exp for your bard. Then, walk home - making
sure to save before you go over any traps in case you get stoned! Go to the board
and see your level fly and the acheivement pop!