Battlefield 1942 - Cheats

Battlefield 1942 - Cheats


Press during game play in single player mode. Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Invincibility1 aiCheats.code Tobias.Karlsson
Kill enemy bots aiCheats.code Jonathan.Gustavsson
Kill bots aiCheats.code Thomas.Skoldenborg
Bots cheat aiCheats.code BotsCanCheatToo
Toggle AI statistics aiCheats.code TheAllSeeingEyeOfTheAIProgammer
New spawn location aiCheats.code WalkingIsWayTooTiresome

1. Enabling this code may take you down to one flag. Your health will never decrease, even when in a vehicle. Enter the cheat correctly, then do it incorrectly so that you can replay the level with all of your flags and still have invincibility.

Submitted by Jim Kirby

Good combo

If you are playing coop with 2 people have 1 be anti-tank and the other medic this way you have a good chance surviving most attacks

Capture the flag tip

When your ally has captured the flag fly very close to the carrier if he presses 'E' at the right time he can get into the plane and then just fly him back

Easy plane fly

message: When you fly a plane you have to use the mouse to aim your flight if you change the controls from using the mouse to using the directional-arrows instead you fly alot easier


message: Some funny things to do, is if you take a jeep, you can drive on people It's kind of funny becaus they stay on the motor

2. If you drive a plane, if you are over the waterland OK too, you can press Enter/exit vehicle button and you will fall down and scream: Shiranimo Then you die, of course, you won't survive the fall from a higher place. Good luck

WHen your in the plane wait for the exact moment on collition then press E, this will make you leave the vehicle without damage
Submitted by Dann Padgett

Coral Sea Flag Cheat

On the map coral sea you can capture the flag whilst the ships are still up and alive in the water. You can do this on both Allied and Axis Aircraft Carriers.

Axis carrier

Go to the front of the Carrier on the top deck, then stand closly up to the edge and face the planes on the carrier, then press the backwards key and then hit your parachute button ' 9 ', this will allow you to float down into the ship, then all you want to do is swim to the flag and capture it.

ok now the Allied Carrier

Allied Carrier

ok, go to the back of the carrier, then get to the lowest deck in the middle of the carrier, there are 2 ramps to get down on there, stand about a foot away from the top of these ramps, run forwards jump and press the key '9' and you will float nicely down into the water under the aircraft carrier, now all you need to do is swim to the flag and capture it,

Plane Stunt

Get in a plane, any plane, get the biggest one you can find. Gather some teammates and tell them to hop onto the wings of the plane, than tell them to crouch down once there on, and than take off, tell them when your in the air to stay crouched and hold down walk button default shift and press W or whatever their forward button is set to.

Now you can have an assault team on your plane, this way, you can fly over the enemy base, have them jump and parachute into the base and take it over

Game Tips

1. In single player pick the medic kit. Your are going to get a good gun no matter what side you're on, and you can heal yourself. If a different gun is needed in a situation, try to pick up a more useful kit from dead friends or enemies G.
2. If you can, "camp" near an ammo box so that you can have an unlimited supply of ammo.
3. When playing a map that has and enemy aircraft carrier on it swim, drive or parachute onto it and camp right next to the ammo box inside the little room. From there you can have a huge advantage: the enemy can't come up behind you, you have unlimited ammo, and you can take out all the planes and people that spawn on the deck in front of you.


To parachute out of a plane before it explodes, First Press the "E" button which lets you enter and exit out of vehicles. Then immediately after press the key "9". the number 9 key and press and hold it. Your chute will then open and you will be able to pull out your gun and shoot nearby enemies. If the parachute does not open up then keep on pressing the 9 key button. it will open up.

Secret B17

On the map Gazala, there is a hidden airfield. As you look at the map the airfield is located at the northwest corner near the Allies base. There you will see 2 Spitfires. The quickest way to get there is by jeep. This is a critical hint when playing on the internet against the germans because of their tanks. There is no B17 there in single player


You can perform a Para drop on a enemy base, for example. Just take a plane, fly pretty high over the enemy base, get out, press the "parachute" button a couple of times until you see a parachute icon on the screen. Then wait until you hit the ground. This is very good if you want to be behind enemy lines, but don't have time to land properly. You can do this with allies too, if you have a double or triple seated plane.

You can pick up the weapons that enemies and allies leave after them when they are killed. This is good when you meet a tank and don't have a bazooka. just pick one up you got to love this game Of course, it's made by Swedes.

Jeep Kamikazi Hint

Yes, you can do it in a plane, but its funnier, and easier in a jeep, preferably a kublewagon because of it's deep back seat.

Well, this is how you do it. Be an engineer, pull out your dynamite, and toss it in the back seat. Drive it to a big group of enemies, or tanks better boom. Get out of the jeep/kublewagon, and blow it up.


If U Fly Good with the B-17 U can carry more than 3 players the others just jump on the wing and lie down , just make wide turns so they dont roll off.
Submitted by Yo

when flying a plane if you do it right over some flat land you can bail out and have your plane land perfectly and it won't blow up so you can jump in it again and fly
Submitted by Roger T