BlazBlue: Continuum Shift


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Unlock MU-12:
Unlock all characters' Clear ending in Story mode and complete the True Ending.

Unlock a character's unlimited version:
Complete Score Attack Mode with a character to unlock the unlimited version of it.

Unlock True ending:
Successfully complete Story mode as Ragna, Jin, Noel, Rachel, Tsubaki, Hakumen, and Hazama.

View credits:
Successfully complete Arcade mode to unlock the credits in the Gallery



Well, It's Something to Do...
Objective: [Arcade / Score Attack] Hold your own against Unlimited Hazama.

Tall, Dark, and Handsome
Objective: [Arcade / Score Attack] Put Unlimited Ragna in his place.

Blood on Your Hands
Objective: [Score Attack] Defeat Unlimited Rachel.

Level One...!
Objective: [Story] Watch 'Previously on...' and 'Opening' in Story Mode.

That's the End of That Chapter
Objective: [Story] View any character's canon ending in Story Mode.

Ragna Cum Laude
Objective: [Tutorial] Finish all your homework.

Napoleon Bonaparte
Objective: [Legion] Conquer the map on 'Easy.'

Alexander the Great
Objective: [Legion] Conquer the map on 'Normal.'

I'm on Top of the World!
Objective: [Player Match] Earn your first victory.

I Can Quit Any Time I Want!
Objective: [Player Match] Win more than 100 matches.

Aniki Is Watching You
Objective: [Player Match] Observe more than 10 matches.

Two Men Enter. One Man Leaves.
Objective: [Ranked Match] Earn your first victory.

I Get Around
Objective: Use every single character.

They Call Me MISTER Tiddles!
Objective: Use an Astral heat for the very first time.

Real Ultimate Power
Objective: Used every character's Astral Heat.

It'll Only Hurt for a Minute
Objective: Your first Guard Crush.

Don't Touch the Merchandise
Objective: Instant Block more than 20 times in one round.

Hold On Loosely
Objective: Cause more than 30 Throw Reject Misses.

M.C. Hammer
Objective: Escape more than 5 throws in one round.

You Broke My Heart!
Objective: Finish an opponent immediately after a normal Break Burst.

Objective: Land more than 30 Fatal Counters.

The Better Part of Valor
Objective: Do not take damage for 20 seconds while in Negative State, and win the round.

Well, It's Not!
Objective: Using Ragna, land 'Not Over Yet' more than three times during a match.

Objective: Using Jin, freeze your opponent more than 10 times during a match.

Are You There God? It's Me, Noel
Objective: Using Noel, hit the opponent with her 'Silencer' more than 10 times during a match.

Twirling toward Freedom
Objective: Using Rachel, land a '6C' attack more than 30 times during a match.

1.21 Gigawatts!
Objective: Using Tager, land 'Spark Bolt' more than five times during a match.

Taut Taunts
Objective: Using Taokaka, land 5 taunts over the course of a match.

Four Sheets to the Wind
Objective: Using Litchi, land 'Four Winds' more than 4 times during the course of a match.

Objective: Using Arakune, unleash a 70-hit combo.

Loincloth Festival
Objective: Using Bang, land a total of 3 Astral Heats.

The Clap
Objective: Using Carl, keep an opponent airborne for more than 7 seconds.

You're Already Dead
Objective: Using Hakumen, dish out over 10,000 damage in one combo.

Lamb to the Slaughter
Objective: Using Lambda, land a 50-hit combo.

For Great Justice
Objective: Using Tsubaki, use the 'D' version of every single special attack in a combo.

Objective: Using Hazama, keep an opponent airborne for more than 7 seconds.

Murakumo, AWAKEN!
Objective: Select Mu.


Superior State of Mind
Objective: [Challenge] Beat more than 100 challenges.

Genghis Khan
Objective: [Legion] Conquer the map on 'Hard.'

Only the Hard, Only the Strong
Objective: [Ranked Match] Fight more than 100 battles.


Mint Condition
Objective: [Gallery] Collect all of the...collectibles.

Secret Trophies

Is...Is That All? (Bronze)
Objective: [Story] Unlocked the True Ending in Story mode.

I Can Do This All Nigh (Bronze)
Objective: [Training] Practiced for over one hour straight.

There Can Be Only One (Bronze)
Objective: [Network] Fought against every character.

Rear Window (Bronze)
Objective: [Replay Theater] Watched replays of more than 20 different matches.

Ding! (Bronze)
Objective: [Network] Reached D-code level 25.

Hell Yes (Silver)
Objective: [Arcade] Completed Arcade Mode on 'Hell' difficulty setting.

Ding Ding! (Silver)
Objective: [Network] Reached D-code level 50.

Score! (Gold)
Objective: [Score Attack] Beat Score Attack mode.

All Good Thin (Gold)
Objective: [Story] Finished the True Ending in Story mode.

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