Blitzkrieg 2 - Blitzkrieg 2 Hack Increase Reserve Calls

Blitzkrieg 2 - Blitzkrieg 2 Hack  Increase Reserve Calls
Cheat mode:
Press or during game play to display the console window. Type @Password "Barbarossa" to enable cheat mode. They enter one of the following codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat functions. Note: There is a space after the opening parentheses and before the closing parentheses in each code.

Win current mission @Win0
God mode @God0,1
God mode and one shot kills @God0,2
Switch god mode off @God0,0
Toggle fog of war @ChangeWarFog 0 or 1

Blitzkrieg 2 Hack - Increase Reserve Calls
Note: Back-up original file before alteration.

It is a little complicated but I will try and make it as simple as possible to follow. First use WINRAR.exe to open the file data.pak in the folder blitzkrieg 2EXEdata

You do not need to unrar it. The file needs to remain in it's compressed form. We will just modify it and leave it compressed. Make a backup copy just in case a mistake is made.

Now open the Scenariocampaigns folder. In the campaigns folder are folders for all the different campaigns. Choose the one you want to cheat in. I will use the USA folder as an example.

In this folder there are addition folders for all the chapters of the campaign. Choose the chapter you want to cheat and open that folder. I will choose chapter 1.

In this folder is the file we want to modify. It is an .xdb file with the chapter name as the file name. In our example the file name is 1BataanChapter.xdb

Open this file with Notepad.exe from your System32 directory you can access Notepad from the Classic Windows start menu and accessories. Now in this file search for any line that says:


The number between these two tags is the number of reserve calls you can make with that battle. In each file there should be 5 or 6 of these tags corresponding with each battle in a chapter. Change them to whatever number you like to have a much greater amount of reserves. I would not change it to anything over 99 as it may lead to corruption of the game.