Blood Omen 2 - Various Cheats

Blood Omen 2 - Various Cheats

Various Cheats

After entering this code at the main screen:
Block, Autoface, Dark Gift Menu, Lookaround, Action,Dark Gift, Bloodsuck.

Kain will appear in the Iron Armor from Blood Omen 1 and be carrying the Soul Reaver.
The Soul Reaver willnot break like other weapons.
Submitted by Burton Bell

Get cheat Mode

Go to the main menu and press L1, R1, L2, R2, Square, Circle, Triangle. When you start a new game you will have Soul Reaver and Iron Hammer.

Use stealth

While playing the game hold L2 and you can walk around. This allows you to sneak up on enemies. If you swing once that's all the damage you can do unless you swing once and keep swinging while you let go of L2. But if the first strike dose not make the enemy move and you don't hear a gasping sound or a UGH then back off and don't let go of L2. Once at a safe distance let go of L2 and stand there for a few seconds. Hold L2 again and reproach the enemy attack quickly. This does work on end bosses. Just make sure they are not blocking and if you do this while they are attacking you you may still get hit.. this goes for all the enemies so be careful....

Defeat Sarafan Lord

Ok the cheat that tells you to do all of that confusing tactics on the 3rd time you fight the Sarafan Lord theres an easier way hes right about the first two but on the 3rd heres what you do.You can use one rage technique its the first one you have in the game "Rage" okay block all his attacks until the last attack where he puts his hand anove his head about to smash you quickly slide to the side with your rage bar full and use it right after he swings at where you were standing this strategy worked great for me the first time I fought him good luck

Beat the Sarafan Lord, 3rd stage

Use the same tactics as the second round. after he uses the power punch he will pause. Grab him and run him through with the Soul Reaver. Repeat until finished, it's that easy.

Easiest Way to Beat Sarafan Lord

Alright 1st Stage, use telekanesis to daze him after the 3 energy blasts while he is recharging, then jump and hit him off...

2nd Stage- Select drak gift Immolate, block his attacks until the Dark Gift meter is full and use it, 3 times is all you need.

3rd Stage- Pick Dark Gift Berzerk, block attacks until the guage is filled, you should only have to use it twice.... and there you go, you have brought the Sarafan Lord to his knees..

Get max magic

During gameplay press L2 to get the map then press Right, Right, Square, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Left

Get max Blood

During gameplay press L2 to get the map then press Up, Right, Square, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Left

Unlock extra Movie

Go to the main menu and press Up, Up, Down, Right, Left

Get all Dark Magic

While playing press start to pause the game. while game is paused press and hold L2. while still holding L2 press Square, triangle, circle, X, X. then unpause the game.