Breath of Fire IV - Easy EXP

Breath of Fire IV - Easy EXP

Easy EXP

Location: Sichon
Enemy: Bot

Here just make a combo attack using Burn fire magic and Eddy wind magic = Firewind. The bot will not do anything for two turns and you can heal them using Nina or Scias. Repeat this 10 times and you will have a bot with 64550 or higher EXP. The more bots you deal with the more EXP you will get.

Formulas for Forging Armor

Bent Screw/Bent Screw/Iron Scraps - Light Armor
Bent Screw/Iron Scraps/Iron Scraps - Heavy Armor
Bent Screw/Bent Screw/Bent Screw - Lightning
Bent Screw/Iron Scraps/Glass Shard - Stout Mail
Bent Screw/Dirty Filter/Glass Shard - Quicksilver
Dirty Filter/Iron Scraps/Burnt Plug - Booster
Glass Shard/Glass Shard/Glass Shard - Psychometer
Iron Scraps/Iron Scraps/Iron Scraps - Mithril Rig

Easy money, method 2

Go to the island south of Lyp, there is a Moza plant there wich you can cut Moza Grass off, again, stock up till you have 99 and sell them for 50Z each, that makes about 5000Z

Easy money, method 1

Simply go to one off the apple trees and stock up 99 off them, then go to the nearest shop and sell them for 10Z each wich makes 990Z in the start of the game this is a lot but later on it isnt worh the effort anymore.