Bunch of Heroes


Total votes: 77


Combo Enthusiast
Objective: Reach a combo of 20

Combo Expert
Objective: Reach a combo of 40

Holiday Survivor
Objective: Survive up to the 20th wave in Santa's map in any difficulty

Keep'em Coming
Objective: Get over a 1.000.000 points in survival

Combo Master
Objective: Reach a combo of 60

Objective: Complete a mission without dying

Space Harrier
Objective: Eliminate 500 zombie astronauts

Objective: Complete all farm missions

All By My Self
Objective: While in survival mode get to wave 12 playing alone

Killer Instinct
Objective: Perform a 80 kill combo while in survival mode

My Back Hurts
Objective: Complete a mission without picking up any weapons

Objective: Complete a multiplayer mission without damaging any allies

Objective: Complete 1 mission without picking up any Ultra Charges

Raccoon City Cop
Objective: Eliminate 1,000 Basic Zombies

Flawless Victory
Objective: Complete a mission with full health

Happy Halloween
Objective: Defeat Jazzy

Objective: Defeat Fred

Objective: Complete all cemetery missions

Pumpkin Pie
Objective: Defeat Pumpking

Lucky 7
Objective: Kill a Martian Teleporter in survival mode

Dynamic Duo
Objective: While playing with 1 ally get to survival's wave 6 without anyone dying

Team Player
Objective: Complete 10 4-player missions

Objective: Eliminate 723 zombie chickens, 821 basic zombies and 394 zombie astronauts

Objective: Complete all Mars missions

Pork Pie
Objective: Defeat Fatzi

Objective: Check out the Credits

Duster Maker
Objective: Eliminate 1,000 Zombie Chickens

Cat Reflexes
Objective: Eliminate 1,000 Zombie Evaders

Janitor at Chernobyl
Objective: Eliminate 1,000 Radioactive Zombies

Objective: Kill the Martian King

Earth's Hero
Objective: Complete all missions

Objective: Eliminate 200 zombies with melee attacks

Objective: While playing with 2 allies get to survival's wave 9 without anyone dying

Shield Breaker
Objective: Eliminate 200 Martian with shields

Ninja Squad
Objective: Get to survival's wave 5 in less than 3 minutes

Ultra Master
Objective: Perform 100 Ultra Attacks

Objective: Kill 200 Strong Martian

Royal Flush
Objective: Complete a mission with each of the characters

Running With Scissors
Objective: Eliminate 1,000 Zombies with bayonets

Fantastic Four
Objective: While playing with 3 allies get to survival's wave 9 without anyone dying

Objective: Place 100 turrets

Waste of Ammo
Objective: Reload your extra weapon 1,000 times

Objective: Roll 20 times while on fire

Can't Touch This
Objective: While in survival mode and playing alone: get to wave 3 without having been damaged

Mall Cop
Objective: Eliminate 200 Zombies with market cars

Clay Shooter
Objective: Eliminate 100 Flying-Saucers

Objective: Burn 1,000 Zombie Chickens

Close Encounters of 4th Kind
Objective: Eliminate 200 Martians with melee attacks

In a Rush
Objective: While in survival mode and playing alone: get to wave 3 in less than 5 minutes

Mars Conqueror
Objective: Kill 50,000 Martians

Objective: Eliminate 1,000 Generals

Highscore Master
Objective: Score 10,000,000 points

Objective: Protect 50 cheerleaders

Closed Casket
Objective: Eliminate 1,000 Walking Coffins

Weapon Collector
Objective: Pickup 1,000 weapons

Objective: Pickup every weapon in the game

Objective: Eliminate 100,000 zombies

Objective: Eliminate 100 Martian Teleporters

Objective: Heal 10,000 Health Points

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