Cabela's Big Game Hunter: 2006 Season - Arg Argument

Cabela's Big Game Hunter: 2006 Season - Arg Argument

Be aware that there are MANY more console commands than we are listing.
However, most of them are strange Debug codes. It is difficult to determine the
exact syntax to run these other Codes and they do not seem to "help" your game
playing experience. So, we are leaving out debug codes that we do not think are

NOTE: ALL the Cheat Codes can be entered multiple times.

Arg Argument:
= Integer A whole number, can be positive or negative in value
Example: 429

F = Floating Point value Either a fractional number or A whole number,
can be positive or negative in value
Example: 4923.32

STRING = A set of Characters of course letters and/or numbers
Example: Wolverine

0 / 1 = A Toggle 0 will Disable, 1 will Enable

Cheat Codes case insensitive:

Cheat Code Args Effect

modctbmul F Set the Detail of the world
Example: modctbmul 0
0 seems to be MAXIMUM detail of the foliage and
the ground textures.
Example: modctbmul 500
This does very little detail on the foliage.
The plants look like Cartoons

modGiveMission In Career Mode, this will give you the Mission
Example: modGiveMission 2

modAutoEquip Fills your backpack with lots of nice items FOR

modfogColor Set the Colour of the Fog graphics.
The format is probably "R G B" for
"Red Green Blue" values.
However, we saw no noticeable effects.

modspawnAnimal STRING Bring a new Animal into the World
You must know the NAME of the animal to Spawn
it. Also, it only seems to work if you add an
EXTRA character in front of the NAME.
Example: modspawnAnimal gWolverine
Example: modspawnAnimal wwolverine

modplayvoice Some Narrator tells you something about the
Level you are on, based upon your current
location on the map

modendmission Completes your current Mission

modgotoanimal Teleports you to the Location of an Animal
seems to choose a random Animal each time you
run it

modneedMoney Increases your Credit by the specified

modanimalCam 0 / 1 The Camera will follow a random Animal.
Run it again with an Arg of 1 to switch to
another animal.

modbotCam [Unknown Effect]

modsetTiredness F Set how Tired you are Sleep Stat
Every Arg except for 0 caused the Player to die
in our tests
0 will set your Sleep Stat to 100

modsetHunger F Set how Hungry you are Food Stat
Every Arg except for 0 caused the Player to die
in our tests
0 will set your Food Stat to 100

modsetThirst F Set how Thirsty you are Drink Stat
Every Arg except for 0 caused the Player to die
in our tests
0 will set your Drink Stat to 100

modsetSoundStealth F [Unknown Effect]
Assume this sets how quiet your actions are
perceived by the animals

modsetSmellStealth F [Unknown Effect]
Assume this sets how much your scent is
perceivable by the animals like if you're
pissing on a tree or something. lol

modsetVisualStealth F [Unknown Effect]
Assume this sets how visible you are to the

modsetTime Set the Time of day in the game
Arg 1 = Hours
Arg 2 = Minutes
Example: modsetTime 14 56
This will change the Time to 14 Hours 2 pm
and 56 Minutes

modmoveToEnt STRING Teleports you the Entity "STRING"
Example: modmoveToEnt 2
That teleports you somewhere up in the air on
Mission 1 of the Career and then I fell and
died on impacted haha

modmoveToPos Teleport to the specified "X Y Z" map location

modmoveToSpawn STRING [Unknown Effect]

modmoveToCar If you have a Vehicle in the world, this will
teleport you right on top of the Vehicle

modteleportHere Teleports you to a Location.
It seems to jump you just a few feet in front
of where you are.
But, we discovered a 'secret', if you shoot
your weapon toward where you want to teleport,
and then engage the Cheat when the BulletCam
is at the location you wish to go, it will
teleport you there.
Even 1/2 way across the map for example

modplayerModel STRING [Unknown Effect]
Assume this Changes the Model of your Player.
Such as if you are a Male/Female and which of
the 3 Aged Models you are.

modkillAnimal [Unknown Effect]
We assumed this would Kill the animal in your
Targeting Reticle. However, it did nothing.

modBSPAndPos 0 / 1 Display the current Map File and your current
"X Y Z" location

modsspd F [Unknown Effect]

modtspd F [Unknown Effect]

modhspd F [Unknown Effect]

moddamagepart 0 - 5 5 = You become fully healed
0 = Damage your Head ack
1 = Damage your Right Arm
2 = Damage your Left Arm
3 = Damage your Right Leg
4 = Damage your Left Leg
[Cumulative effects if run multiple times]

modstealthMode [Unknown Effect]

modshowatr [Unknown Effect]

modshowatrval 0 / 1 Displays information about your Player's
current Condition and Credits

modTagCheck 0 / 1 [Unknown Effect]
Assume this Disables the Tag Checking, so that
you can kill any animal without Penalty

modEndTournament 0 / 1 Win the currently loaded Tournament

modBulletGuide 0 / 1 Grants you the magical ability to control your
bullet use the Character Movement keys after
shooting to alter the bullet's course

modfogEnd [Unknown Effect]
After setting any value, it still seems to be
stuck at reset to "500" if you check it again.

modfogStart Set the fogginess in the world
NOTE: a large Negative number such as -5000
will make it very foggy

modanimalFreeze 0 / 1 Prevent all animals from moving they will be
stuck at their current locations.
If you get too close, they can still attack and
wound you though.

modjumpOn [Unknown Effect]

modfreeCam [Unknown Effect]

modforce3rd 0 / 1 Force 3rd Person view it is weird because you
are just a pair of hand with no body, haha

cheatTrophyHorns [Unknown Effect]

cheatAvailableItems Unlock all Items at the Store
You can buy these items in the Lodge of the
Career Mode

cheatSkillDone [Unknown Effect]

cheatFinishCareerFlag Unlocks all Sub-Regions of "Quick Hunt" Mode.
You must be in Career Mode when you run this
Cheat for it to be effective. Then, you must
Save your game and the easiest way to do this
is at the Lodge. Finally, the Sub-Regions will
be unlocked when you go to "Quick Hunt" from
the Main Menu.

modBuyItem STRING Get the item named "STRING" for FREE will be
added to your backpack
Example: modBuyItem bow3
to get a free Crossbow.
There are too many items to list Hundreds.

spmap STRING Load the SinglePlayer Map File named "STRING"

aiDisableAct 0 / 1 Prevents all Animals from taking actions.
They can neither move nor attack you.

aiDisableThink 0 / 1 Disable Artificial Intelligence of the Animals.
It makes them dumb, so that they will not
attack you. They can still run around if they
wish to though

AppVersion Display the Game Name and Version Number

Exit Terminate the entire game

help Display most of the Console Commands

? Same as the "help" command

1. Start the game.

2. Open the game Console:
Hit the key " " or " " also known as Tilde.
A CONSOLE window should open with a cursor.

3. Enter your codes.


You may type PART of a command such as the first few letters and then hit
the TAB key to fill in the best matching command ala 4DOS/4NT woot woot.
Also, the Up/Down arrow keys cycle through previous commands. Finally, the
PageUp/PageDown keys browse through the log of the console commands.

For most commands with an Argument Requirement, you can run the command
WITHOUT any arguments to display its current value.

Most of these Cheat Codes should be used when you have a Map loaded.
Although many of the Codes work within the Menu System, most have little
effect there.

4. Hit ESCAPE to leave the console.