Witcher Kings 0.9.1 - Windows Installer

Witcher Kings 0.9.1 - Windows Installer

If you are a Witcher fan or enjoy Crusader Kings 2, you may find this mod very interesting and enjoyable. Prepare to enter a storm of role play and international politics. Play a part in the complex affairs of the Witcher world. Engage in warfare, intrigue, and diplomacy on a massive scale! Tons of characters from the games and books are included in the game, along with lore accurate locations and factions. Experience many of the events of the Witcher 2 storyline as the game begins in the year 1274 during the siege of La Valette and the assault on Vergen. The mod is very well developed and highly detailed, but many significant updates are to come, adding lots of great new content.

Installation instructions:
- Launch the Witcher_Kings_0.9.1.exe
- Select your CK2 mod folder, in case it is not the default one (Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod)
- Wait for the installation to complete.
- Launch CK2
- Select the mod "Witcher Kings" in the Mod tab
- Play!

File information

File name: Witcher_Kings_0.9.1.exe

File size: 44.44 MB

Mime type: application/x-dosexec; charset=binary