Casper - Defeating the Ghosts

Casper - Defeating the Ghosts

Defeating the Ghosts

Fatso near kitchen: Feed him hamburgers.Stinky: Spray perfume on him.Stretch: Use Glue.Fatso in bathtub: Use Camera.General Fatso: Use wind up key then hammer the tanks.Farmer Stinky: Use hammer and chisel to carve the stone in Casper's Image.Graveyard Stretch: Use twister morph to lure him into grave dig site.


Go to the topleft corner of any room then hold Up/Left L1 R1 Start. If done correctly the game should freeze. Then release only Up/Left and L1 keeping the others still held press Down/Right Triangle. The game will unfreeze and you will have the ability to drift over any wall by press R1 L1 will bring you back down.

Faster Movement

During gameplay hold Triangle and press X R1 R1 R1. The Inventory screen will appear don't worry just press Triangle to resume play.