Castle in the Darkness

Castle in the Darkness

Unlock Screen Effects:
You will be able to use the following screen effects by completing the corresponding tasks and then going to the 'Options' menu and changing 'Screen Effect'.

Complete Prologue mode at Goal 1.

Complete Prologue mode at Goal 2.

Complete E3 mode.

Unlock New Game+
This feature becomes unlocked when you complete the game with 100% and get Ending #2. New Game+ adds several new items and is tougher to complete.

Unlock Frog:
The Frog can only become a playable character in New Game+. To play this boss which you encounter several times throughout the game you must enter the house in Alexandria where the vendor is selling the Wrong Sword. If you open the chest that is there and equip the Frog armour you can play as Frog.