CD Sampler Pack Volume 3 - Crash Bandicoot Info


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Crash Bandicoot Info

At the Crash screen press Square Square Triangle.

King of Fighter's '95 Info

At the King of Fighter's '95 screen press Triangle Circle Square.

NCAA GameBreaker Info

At the NCAA GameBreaker screen press Circle Triangle Circle.

Ridge Racer Revolution Info

At the Ridge Racer Revolution screen press Circle Triangle Square.

Tekken 2 Info

At the Tekken 2 screen press Trianlge Triangle Square.

Twisted Metal 2 Info

At teh Twisted Metal 2 screen press Square Circle Triangle.

View Horned owl FMV Sequence

At the Tunnel B1 screen press Triangle Square Square.

View ID FMV Sequence

At the Blast Chamber screen press Triangle Circle Triangle.

View Jumping Flash 2 FMV Sequence

At the NHL Faceoff '97 screen press Square Triangle Circle.

View Motor Toon Grand Prix FMV Sequence

At the F1 screen press Square Triangle Square.

View Tobal No. 1 FMV Sequence

At the Jet Moto screen press Circle Circle Triangle.

View Twisted Metal 2 FMV Sequence

At the 2Xtreme screen press Circle Square Circle.

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