Chaos Island - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Hold Ctrl Shift X S while playing. Then type any of the following "Codes" exactly as written then press Enter:

Code Effect
Kill Kills Selected Enemy
Egg raptor Gives Raptor Egg
Egg trex Gives Trex Egg
Egg stegosaur Gives Stegosaur Egg
Egg parasaur Gives Parasaur Egg
Egg dilo Gives Dilophosaur Egg
Egg triceratops Gives Triceratops Egg
Egg compy Gives Compy Egg
Money Gives Supplies whereas is amount of supplies to give
Win Instantly Win Mission
Lose Instantly Lose Mission
Macleod Invincibility
Clear Clears Map
Extra Pumps Up Eddie and Nicks Responses to 50
Audio Enables Specific Win/Lose Character Playbacks whereas is the number
Dead Holds Dead Longer
Prince Displays the Programmer's Special Quote
Remdul Gives the Hidden Character to You Instantly
Evets Special Setting for Winning and Extra Audio
Core Display's Photo of Programmers
raggsdale Displays the Cheat List
health amt Increase/Decrease the Selected Units by the Given Amount
hppr amt Sets the Health of the Selected Units to the Given
Egg Pachy Head Butter Dinosaur

Submitted in part by McRae Family

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