Choplifter HD

Choplifter HD


Mission Accomplished
Objective: Complete the game on NORMAL

All Star
Objective: Get 5 Stars on all levels

Objective: Complete all escape missions without killing anyone

Trigger Happy
Objective: Kill 100 enemy soldiers on one level without restarting the level

Objective: Complete a level by killing all the rescuees

Unfriendly Fire
Objective: Kill 10,000 enemies across all the levels

Objective: Complete Desert Rescue without letting any rescuees die

Get the Scoop!
Objective: Save Scoop on every level he is present

No Stone Unturned
Objective: Find all secrets

Dinner is Served
Objective: Kill 1000 chickens

Objective: Kill 1000 zombies

Goat for IT!
Objective: Make 100 goats faint