Code of Honor: The French Foreign Legion - Cheat Codes

Code of Honor: The French Foreign Legion - Cheat Codes
Cheat Codes:
To get some of the weapons type the following codes given below in the console. These are CASE SENSITIVE, so type properly.


For the AMMO just add the cheat code: Cheat.AddAmmo;

There is another Method to hack and get the desired weapons when the MISSION starts. IF you don't want to type the codes given above in the console, then I'm giving you another way to cheat.

BUT first please make a BACKUP of any files/folders you Edit

OK, then go to the location/path where the game is installed like e.g. :

C:Program FilesCity InteractiveCode of Honor The French Foreign LegionDataLevelsMission01

Look for the 'Data' Folder and then the 'Levels' folder.

OPEN the 'Mission01' folder located inside the 'Levels' folder and look for the following .scr file 'Mission01.scr' which is a ScreenSaver File. You have to open these files with any Text Editor like Notepad or WordPad.

Open the File and look for the Following lines which start with

StartItem "WeaponFamas"
StartItem "WeaponM1911" etc etc.

NOW here you can ADD the Weapon Names which you like to be Spawned with the player when the MISSION starts like e.g. :

StartItem "WeaponHKUSP"
StartItem "WeaponFRF2"
StartItem "WeaponMilkorMGL140"
StartItem "WeaponSPAS12"
StartItem "WeaponMP5sd6"
StartItem "WeaponRPG7"
StartItem "WeaponHKPSG1"
StartItem "WeaponKombinery"
StartItem "WeaponRPG7"
StartItem "WeaponLRAC89" etc etc.

This will start the Mission with these Weapons loaded. So put the above code in the file and SAVE it.

You can also add the lines for the AMMO like e.g. StartItem "AmmoRPG7" for the given weapon OR just type the code Cheat.AddAmmo in the console for the AMMO which is much easier

But for this HACK and method to work you need to start a NEW game/MISSION.

So look for the Other Mission Folders like Mission03 , Mission05 etc and change the .scr files accordingly. But you need to start a NEW Mission.

To go to the NEXT Mission type Cheat.NextMission;