Command & Conquer: Generals - Change Cost of weapons

Command & Conquer: Generals - Change Cost of weapons

Change Cost of weapons

Backup the file before editing

It is possible to edit the INI.big file in your game directory. But you have to use a Hex-Editor.
Do not change the lenght of the file or the game will not boot again..
Just Overwrite the Text you need.
Search for "BuildCost" and overwrite it like
"BuildCost = 2000" Orig.
"BuildCost = 0000" Faked.
Do not DELETE anything.

How to blow up a battalion of infantries

If you are the Chinese make at least 10 inferno tanks and send them all together at once and park them somewhere where your opponent love to send you those rebels or rangers or red guards to sneak on you and once they pass you you can watch the fireworks blow inferno tank works great with their technology too now you know how to beat those scums
[note: this works too with the GLA toxic truck.]

Get Old Unit Names

Bring up the console and type in Russia:YuriRelived to get unit names from older C&C titles No new graphics though

How to win against turtling opponents

Well, tired of those online players that do nothing but build up there defenses? Well here's the solution all you have to do is, if your usa, send raptors to eliminate there defenses and supply centers as necessary, try going for the power supply first, and use the A10 strike to weather down there defenses more. Then after there power and supply center is out they will have trouble knowing when you coming and creating new defenses. At this point simply send in a sizable force of humvees with the tow missile upgrade and full of rangers with capture building. Simply send them in unload the rangers and capture and sell there base.

Airfield Tip

When you are china, build an airfield and put a speaker tower right behind it. So when your planes have got damaged in battle they heal faster. To make it even quicker upgrade the speaker towers in the propaganda center

GLA healing tipscreenshot taking

If you are GLA and have damaged units near a tunnel network, you can heal them by sending them in and evacuating them straight away. It works for tanks as well as infantry. To take a screenshot which goes in your generals data directory press F12 when you want one. You may want to zoom in or remove the command bar to get a better shot. These are bitmaps so can be edited by using Paint etc.

Black Lotus Power Strike

This is a rush technique and may not work long into the game.

First, build a nuclear reactor then que a dozer from your command center. Next send the newly created dozer to a supply site and make it build a supply stash. Make the other dozer build a barracks. After the first dozer is finished with the supply stash, make it build a war factory. By this time the other dozer should be finished with the barracks so go to secondary supply site and make it build a supply stash there. Que in two supply trucks on your 1st stash and make the other dozer build a propaganda center. Then w/ enough cash make black lotus and a troop crawler. Scout for the enemy base. When you find the enemy base, distract it with the troop crawler and the red guards in it then quitely sneak black lotus behind the battle front and find his powerplant if his using US or Chinese, if he's a gla go for the Arms dealer. Next Target any troop training facility that he has and then go for the supply stash.

This strike is made, it would virtually make you the owner of his base and he would be down on his knees asking you for a rematch.

Destroy ULA bunkers

If your sick and tyered of thouse annoying ULA stinger sites. Well there is a simple and cheap way to clear them out. All you need is about 3 USA rangers with the flash grenades upgrade. Then send them to the bunkers and tell them to aim there flash grenades at the bunker. This will kill the 3 rocket soldiers inside and you can then use your rangers to finish off the stinger site with there machine guns.

The only 4 tanks you will ever need

It doesn't get any easier than this. Build four Overlord tanks. The big ones China has. Two of them must have Propaganda upgrades and the other two need the Chaingun upgrade. It,s also helpful to have the two Nuke upgrades, but thats optional. Because of the Propaganda the Overlord is un-killable in a small group. I took out aprox 400 enemy units and 46 buildings with these bad boys. Its best not to use faster units in this group because they get too far away from the overlords and get killed. Have fun.


When China the most easy way to win is by doing the following. then the game starts get your construction dozer to build a nuclear plant.As soon as it starts to construct buy another construction dozer from your command center.when the new dozer is ready make it build Barracks and while this is building look at your generals options and you should have one point to use. Select the option that gives your red guards one bar of veterency when bought. When the Barracks are ready build about 10 to 15 red guards. Remember that for every red guard you want 2 will be built so you should have an army of about 20 to 30 red guards. Before sending them to the enemy base build about 5 tank hunters to protect the red guards from tanks then attack there base. Your army will be un-stoppable.This works great for skirmishes and online multiplayer games.

GLA strategy

GLA has awesome opportunities with the terrorist and the hijacker simply use terrorist on their units or battalion of soldierstheir toxic truck works just like the Chinese inferno tank but shots off different stufftheir vehicles aren't that bad but they stink cause they got no airplanes. build some tunnels around enemies base this way this will make it easier to deliver rebels, mobs, terrorist or whatever then start sending anthraxes on the base

U.S. strategy

When you're the us you can make the aurrora strike fighters. To win real fast simply build some of the paladin guys to protect the fighter and let the aurora just wait for a moment and let your paladin tank blow some of their defenses and now move in the aurora fighter and start blowing up the base especially the command center. if any of your aurora fighters get killed just simply move in the paladin and start blowing up their defenses don't let the red guard or rebels attack your paladin they're annoying then start doing this over again send some fuel bomb fighters too. good luck and have fun


when playing as the USA, just build about 30 > paladin tanks and you will win 3 brutal enermy with these paladin tanks and don't forget about to use the general promition Repair
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New sounds and title screen

Bring up the console and type in Russia:ccsboom to get sounds and a new title screen from older C & C titles.
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