Commandos 3: Destination Berlin - Finish mission immediatly

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin - Finish mission immediatly

When in the game type in SOYINCAPAZ to activate the cheat command and then type any of the following
Submitted by martin

Finish mission immediatly

Hit CAPS then type CTRL SHIFT N.

Get Invincibility

Hit CAPS then CTRL I.

Get Invisibility

Hit CAPS then CTRL V.

Kill nazis


Put the selected Commando under the pointer

Hit CAPS then SHIFT X.

Show frame rate

Hit CAPS then CTRL minus.

Level Codes

NS2B7 - Mission 1
GMD1T - Mission 2
NMD15 - Mission 3
YDNCQ - Mission 4
Submitted by Kort

Clearing out the sewers in Berlin

When you find yourself in the Berlin sewers after the cut scene in which you meet the Spy, you can easily overcome each room of the sewer and clear it out by simply using punches, knifing and running into a room, being spotted and then running out, and taking cover behind your fellow commandos, who are of course, waiting on guard move with their guns pulled out, aimed at the door. When the Nazis burst in, your men nail them, and you can clear all the sewers out doing this. With a couple of the Nazis, it's even easier to simply come out behind them, knife them and drag their body back through the door.
Submitted by Kort

Sniper vs. Sniper

I completed this level first of all by literally taking out everyone a man at a time, and boy was it hard going Then my brother tried it, and discovered that when you've sniped one nazi from the Russian embassy be careful, pop out of the wrong window and the elite sniper will kill you, and cleared out the Nazi riflemen around the fountain by sniping them from the unoccupied yard area behind the wall, above the little dugouts the Russians soldiers mostly start in, you can crawl down, take their stuff and then as you move down towards the highest tower it's a church building, the elite nazi sniper should move his position and make a run for it; he tends to respond to your movements to keep you covered so you can't snipe him but he can snipe you. As he runs, you can actually quite safely change direction, bolt the other way and snipe him as he's running - ending this part of the mission early Whew
Submitted by Kort