Conan - Achievements

Conan - Achievements
Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Hands-On 10 points: 5 Grapple Kills.

Man Handle 15 points: 50 Grapple Kills.

Death Grip 20 points: 250 grapple kills.

Fatal Touch 30 points: 500 grapple kills.

Shish Kabob 10 points: Impale an enemy.

Enemy Appetizers 30 points: Impale 100 enemies.

Now You See It, Now You Don't 10 points: Disarm an enemy.

Master Looter 30 points: Disarm 100 enemies.

Rock of Ages 30 points: Kill 100 enemies by boulder throw.

Free Fall 10 points: Kill an enemy by death fall.

Death Rain 30 points: Kill 100 enemies by death fall.

Slice 'n Dice 10 points: 100 dismemberments.

Chop Shop 20 points: 500 dismemberments.

Meat Market 30 points: 1000 dismemberments.

Parry Farm 10 points: Perform every parry kill move.

Parry Assassin 15 points: 100 parry kills.

Parry King 20 points: 200 parry kills.

Chained Attacker 10 points: Combo Counter reaches 100.

Chain of Fools 20 points: Combo Counter reaches 325.

Mob Massacre 15 points: Kill 5 or more enemies simultaneously.

Treasure Seeker 10 points: Find 5 treasure chests.

Treasure Hunter 20 points: Find 50 treasure chests.

Filthy Rich 30 points: Find all treasure chests.

Noble Conan 10 points: Save a Maiden.

Triumvirate Seeker 10 points: Activate 5 rune triumvirates.

Triumvirates United 20 points: Activate all rune triumvirates.

The Legendary Set 10 points: Collect all armor pieces.

Mighty Conan 30 points: Complete the game on Hard mode.

Master Conan 50 points: Complete the game on King mode.

Bill of Health 20 points: Find all Health Meter powerups.

Armored Up 20 points: Find all Power Meter powerups.

Adrenaline Rush 20 points: Find all Song of Death meter powerups.

Master Swordsman 10 points: All one-handed blade attacks mastered.

Master Dual Wielder 10 points: All dual wield attacks mastered.

Master Two-Handed Swordsman 10 points: All two-handed blade attacks mastered.

Bring out the Gimp 15 points: Kill at least 25 enemies during the Giant Squid boss battle.

Losing His Mind 20 points: Decapitate a captain with a shield.

Untouchable 40 points: Complete a mission without taking any damage.

High and Mighty 10 points: Score 20,000 points in a level.

The Bloody Crown 40 points: Score 100,000 total points.

Additionally there are nine secret achievements.

Strength of 10 men 40 points: Kill 10 or more enemies simultaneously.
Demon Slayer 20 points: Defeat the Elephant Demon in the Kush caves and obtain The Ward of the Abyss.
Defeat Cleaver's Army 10 points: Defeat the Bone Cleaver and his army in Barachan Isles and obtain The Ward of Fire.
Dragon Slayer 10 points: Defeat the Sand Dragon in the lost city of Shem and obtain The Ward of the Earth.
Snake Charmer 20 points: Defeat the Sorceress Queen in Stygia and obtain The Ward of Souls.
My Hero 20 points: Save all maidens.
Sink the Squid 30 points: Defend the ship and defeat the Giant Squid.
Who's your Daddy? 30 points: Defeat the Bone Cleaver in Argos and obtain The Ward of the Departed.
Rest In Peace 40 points: Send Graven into the Netherworld in the Ocean Ruins and complete the game.

Cheat mode:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding option in the "Cheats" menu. They are accessed by selecting "Extras" at the main menu, then "Unlockables", then "Cheats".

Master All Moves: Complete the game under the normal difficulty setting. This mode gives you full mastery of every move and combo.
Song Of Death: Complete the game under the normal difficulty setting. This mode allows you to permanently activate the Song of Death power.
Armor Power: Complete the game under the hard difficulty setting. This mode gives you unlimited magic energy.
Invulnerability: Complete the game under the King difficulty setting.

King difficulty:
Complete the game under the hard difficulty setting.

There are a total of 25 scantily clad maidens, each of which each grant you a bonus in experience when you rescue them. Below are the names of each stage and the corresponding amount of maidens located in them.

Chance Meeting: 1
Pirate Raid: 2
Tribal Warrior: 3
Elephant Graveyard: 3
Midnight Raid: 2
Outpost: 7
Devil Island: 2
Fallen Kingdom: 3
Well of Dreams: 2