Conflict: Desert Storm - Displaying Cheats Menu

Conflict: Desert Storm - Displaying Cheats Menu

Submitted by Madman

Displaying Cheats Menu

From Main menu, hold down left shift key while typing "desertwatch" excludequotes. Look at Option menu for the cheats.

God Mode and Debug Options

This method requires hex editing and DECOMPRESSED VERSION of desertstorm.exefile. Open this file with hex editor and find "-f -d" string without quotesor "2d66202d6400" linear hexadecimal notation, then do one of these:

1. Replace with "-f-d-j" 2d662d642d6a00 to activating god mode.
2. Replace with "-f-d-m" 2d662d642d6d00 to activating debug options.

You cannot set all those four switches together -f-d-j-m because the switchesstring length are limited to 8 bytes including null-terminated code 00 hex.However, if both god mode and debug options are needed, you may remove -fswitch become -d-j-m which causing the game to displaying a dialog box forchoosing game starting module default is frontend.dll.

God Mode Enabled supplied with -j switch

During gameplay, press K key to toggle god mode on/off. Be sure you didn'tmapped K key with one of keyboard assignment mapper functions. A short messagewill be displayed at the top of the screen when K key is pressed. "TogglePlayer Damage OFF" means god mode activated. God mode applied to all teammembers. Probably won't works on MP multi player game.

Debug Options Enabled supplied with -m switch

During gameplay, press combined keystrokes as listed below. Note that, mostkeystrokes has no effect until you activating Debug Mappings ShiftSLASH. Besure you didn't mapped most of these keystrokes on keyboard assignment mapperfunctions, they overrides your key assignment settings. Some debug keystrokescan be disabled by displaying pause menu press Esc key during gameplay. Nostatus indicator displayed when you press these keystokes, so be sure youremember the keystroke last state, especially with toggled function. Somekeystrokes probably won't works on single player game.

Functions Keystrokes

Toggle Debug Mappings Activation Left ShiftSLASH/QMARK
Toggle MP Logging Left ShiftD
Toggle Routing Debug Mode Left ShiftR
Toggle Language Left ShiftL
Toggle Joypad Controls Left ShiftX
Toggle Grunt Swithing Mode Left CtrlA
Toggle Client Debug Output Left CtrlE
Toggle Freeze on Ghost Trail Left CtrlF
Toggle MP Ghost Highlight Left CtrlG
Toggle Widescreen Left CtrlN
Enable New Sound Samples Left CtrlQ
Reset Ammo Left CtrlR
Toggle Server Debug Output Left CtrlS
Toggle MP Ghost Trail Left CtrlT
Disable New Sound Samples Left CtrlW
Zero Ammo Left CtrlZ
Jump to Next Local Player Left CtrlZ MP
Fire Vehicle Weapon Left AltF can cause slow motion
Toggle Bar Graph Display Right CtrlB
Toggle Player Collision Spheres Right CtrlC
Toggle Health Bar Display Right CtrlJ
Toggle Octree Nodes Display Right CtrlO
Toggle Quad Tree Display Right CtrlQ
Mission Successfull Right AltM
Kill Selected Grunt Suicide mode Right AltK
Toggle Interface Filter Right AltI
Increase Selected Grunt Experience Points Right AltE
Set Screen Mode to Briefing Right AltB
Shadow Long Numpad Up
Shadow Short Numpad Down
Torso Right Numpad Right
Torso Left Numpad Left
Graphic Flag Numpad 5
Toggle Vehicle State Info Numpad PgDn
Resurrect Teams Respawn Numpad Home
Change Skin Texture Numpad Multiply
Toggle Cheat Input On Numpad Enter nothing happens???
Scroll In Up
Scroll Out Down
Scroll Right Right
Scroll Left Left
Quad Tree Display Zoom In PgUp
Quad Tree Display Zoom Out PgDn
Speed Up Time Ins
Slow Down Time Del
Toggle Terminal Message Window Tilde
Jump selected grunt to Specific Location 1-9
Change Grunt Data Display 0Zero
Toggle Shadows A
Toggle Enemy AI B
Toggle Camera State C
Scroll Up I
Scroll Zone J
Scroll Down M
Increase Experience O
Decrease Experience P
Toggle Route Marker Display T
Toggle Interface Scalling U may causing game freeze
Toggle Unlimited Ammo V
Toggle Time Freeze X
Toggle Targetting Reverse Y
Toggle Grunt State Info Z
Toggle Lighting F2
Increase FOV F3
Decrease FOV F4
Toggle Sense Display F5 nothing happens???
Toggle Enemy Sense Display F6 nothing happens???
Toggle Player Sense Display F7 nothing happens???
Toggle Time Steps F8 nothing happens???
Toggle Interface F9 nothing happens???
Toggle Wireframe F10
Toggle Rendering Left CtrlF10 nothing happens???
Write Player State Left CtrlF11 nothing happens???
Read Player State Left CtrlF12 nothing happens???

Note: Keystrokes marked with asterisk are interested for cheating.