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Console Commands:
Console commands can be entered by pressing ENTER and typing in the command.

/say {message}

Sends {message} to all players.

/kick {player}

Forcibly disconnects {player}.

/setclock {time}

Sets the current world time to {time}.
{time} must be in 24hr clock format, e.g. ’13:37?.

/ban {player} [reason]

Blacklists a {player} and announces it in chat as ‘{player} has been banned: [reason]’.
If no [reason] is specified, ‘No reason specified’ is used by default.

/unban {IP}

Unban an IP address.

/kill {player}

Kills a player and announces it in chat as ‘{player} was killed’.

/stun {player} [duration]

Stun {player} for [duration] milliseconds. (1 second is 1000 milliseconds)
If no [duration] is specified, {player} will be stunned for 1000ms.

/heal {player} [amount]

Heals a player for [amount] HP.
If no [amount] is specified, {player} will be healed for 1000 HP.

{you} (PM): {message}’.

Sends a private message to {player} in the format ‘{you} (PM): {message}’.


Displays information about the server, including the current cuwo revision and OS.


List the names of all connected players.


List the names and world locations of all connected players.

/whereis [player]

Shows your position if [player] is left blank.
Shows [player]’s position if specified and if player is currently online.

/login {password}

Elevates your permissions to enable Admin Commands.
{password} is configurable in config/, by default it is ‘changeme’.

Slash Commands

Slash Commands are strings of text that the player types into the chat to achieve the desired outcome. Slash commands can be entered by pressing ENTER and typing in the command.

/connect : Connect to the specified server. Will attempt to seamlessly connect to the server if you are on the same seed as the server, or were disconnected from the server. Make sure to disconnect from one server before attempting to join another server.
/dance: Does dance emote.
/disconnect: Disconnect from the current server.
/namepet : Name your pet to desired name.
/name : Name your currently logged in player.
!goto !tp works on some servers
/pvp: When two players type pvp in the commandline to enter a pvp fight
/pet: Does pet emote.
/sit: Does sit emote.
/wave: Does wave emote.

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