Dagger's Rage - Hints

Dagger's Rage - Hints


Before license level 3:
Goto raraki restaurant in Quintown and watch the news
Meet hurt pilot in Pacifica Terminal.

After license level 3:
Goto the pub in Regas and listen to the strangers conversation
Goto Argus tech in Newerth Dr. Targas
Goto Spanzo Bar in New New York and talk to Mouth
Goto Quintown and talk to Fasit
Attack Dragon Teeth at location according to Fasit

Meet Stan at Tuyak
Go back to Regas with Stan
Talk to Yanin the dock of New New York
Meet Mouth in Himbleton

After having license level 1 and having done everything above
Talk to Harvey Grant He will tell you to destroy all the pirate groups 4
Then protect Hom from the attack of the Pogodyne Security Fleet
Attack Pogodyne Security Fleet
Goto Argus Tech and ask for the AntiMatter gun
Goto Nova Research Lab
Final Mission at Gadon System E1