Dead Frontier 2

Dead Frontier 2

Stealth Tip:

How To Cheese Stealth:
Straight to it, use right click with melee (fastest attack and moves far
forward), when u use right click u travel faster than crawling with stealth,
and attacks make 0 noise, so u can move around spamming right click attacks
in stealth mode (dont have hold down stealth, just hold right click). Go
try it and u will see how awesome it is :P Oh and don't upgrade stealth
past lvl 1.

Also try to get attack speed and body damage on ur melee weapons, attack
speed seems like the best buff for melee.

How to Play Online with Friends:
Basically you should look up in lobby select screen if your friends aren't
in the same place as you, you won't be able to join them, if they are you
can join their lobby. You'll have to create one each area.

The First and Only Step (Probably)

As you can see in this picture there are 2 points that maybe be stopping
you from playing with friends. A is the Town you are in and what lobbies
are in that town so you won't see Coopertown lobbies there. B is the server
you are using which is also a reason that you might not be able to see your
friend's lobby. Make sure A and B matches your friend's lobby select so you
are able to join.

Black Screen On Startup Fix:
If you are getting a black screen on startup. Please try this:

Download and run this file:
You will get asked several times if you really want to do this.
Click Yes.
Once the registry values have been applied, try and play the game.
Hopefully it should work.
Once in-game, you’ll probably want to modify your settings as they will
have defaulted to Potato mode and the server location could well be

Gameplay Tips:

You can use your car as a personal stash.
If you are queing up with some friends, aproach to them and press "E" by
default, a small menu will appear, after that go to "Send offer", u can put
there some items you dont need (up to 10 i think) in order to have another stash.
Although, be advised: those items will only be able to be recovered by going to
the city in which the trade was made.
You can use the car as soon as you start the game, don't be fooled by the
"damaged" parts, what they mean is that your car will require new replacements
in order to use less resources, such as gas, food and water.
Item Scaling is: Common Right now 8/9/18 the most valuable items on the market are meds, ammo and weapons.

Against a single zombie:try to make your distance and use the melee strong attack,
if the zombie is stunned, repeat.
Against a crowd of zombies: try to use your firearms or approach carefully and
do some ,melee basic attacks.
You can one hit kill the parasites(those small "worms" that some zombies drop
when killed) in any city, it doesn't matters if you are on a LVL 20 zone.
All fire weapons are equally noisy.
You can cheese a crowd on small rooms running in circles around the furniture,
it's a good technique to take zombies one by one and it also works with bosses.
When you aim ,there is a small ammount of time in which your character is
inaccurate, dont shoot while this is happening, shots will probably miss even
if you are face to face. How do you know when to shoot?: aim at the objective
until the crosshair cant be any smaller,that is the most precise u can be, that
time depends on what weapon you are using. There are skills that improve this
time (rifle expert, pistol expert,etc.)

Recommended Skills for New Players:
Looting: right now it is op, it will grant you the possibilty to loot faster,
as well as getting higher quality items. Pairing this with some clothes with
looting bonuses, will result in you having an insane pickup rate of superior,
rare or even epic items. I managed to have 50% of getting rare items 40%
superior and 20% epic with just Looting II (and the clothes).
Sprint: i like to use it when im completely surronded, since as soon as i press
shift the character will instantly run at full speed, really important on high
level cities, since it is really common to see zombies charging at you.
Dodge: if used correctly, you will ignore 100% of the incoming damage, despite
being attacked by multiple enemies, it works with minibosses too.
Not sure 'bout bosses.
Kicking: as it says you can now kick, this is really good with quick reflexes
and Sprint. The kick stuns zombies and it is perfect to make a escape if you ran
out of stamina and dodge.
Stealth: you can now crouch and be more quiet. zombies should take more time
to detect you. I suggest to almost ALWAYS use it with melee, and, like i said
before, all firearms do the same noise. When you are stealthing u can now land
critical attacks on zombies, i believe it is base damage X5 but im not sure.

Tips & Tricks:
Melee when you can at the start. Save your bullets, .32 ammo is crazy expensive.
Also attacking will move you forward slightly, be sure to back out of range after

Take your time to aim, and always aim for the head. Try to fire only single
shots, this will save ammo and do much more damage.

There are many rooms in the Police Station, explore a little to find more NPCs
that will give you quests.

While on the street, places with green names will have quest objectives in them,
yellow is safe house, and white just has loot/zombies (can be worth exploring for
gear and stuff)

Try not to travel too far until you are past level 5 (stay on starting street)

To "Dodge" or "Kick" you need a point in those skills. You get one skill point
per level, use them wisely.

You are fully healed after you level up. Keep an eye on your experience so you
don’t waste Meds, you’ll need them later.

Single floor/small buildings normally have a mini-boss in them behind the key
door. You will get a nice Item from their body, but they can be hard to take
down. They will have a fire/radioactive/speed/vomit buff so watch out.

Sprinting with SHIFT Requires The Sprinter Skill First.

Your vehicle also has inventory slots as well as your account stash.

In clearence missions where you must kill a certain amount of infected, the number
killed will usually not show the correct amount until you enter a new area. If it
shows 0/10, but you have killed 1 for example, reenter the area and it will update
to the correct amount.

Listing items high on the trader can be used as extra stash inventory, each safezone/
outpost has a seperate trader meaning more slots to list items, these traders only
cater to their own area.

If a body has it’s jaw moving it is a zombie and will awaken when you go near to it
and attack.