Dead Space 3: Awakened


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

20 - Bad Moon Rising - Complete Dead Space 3 Awakened.
50 - Get to the Chopper! - Awakened: Escape from Tau Volantis to the Terra Nova.
50 - Heaven Can Wait - Awakened: Stasis your Co-Op partner when he is downed to slow his bleed out timer.
20 - Heretic - Awakened: Kill the Unitologist Cult Leader.
20 - Just the Tip - Awakened: Craft a weapon using a MK-II Weapon Tip.
20 - Pure Lunacy - Complete Dead Space 3 Awakened in Pure Survival Mode.
50 - Supercharger - Awakened: Finish charging the reactor in under 90 seconds.
20 - True Believer - Awakened: Allow the Unitologist Cult Leader to survive.

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