Deception 4: Blood Ties

Deception 4: Blood Ties


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Unlock Alternate Costumes:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding costume.

Alchemist Costume:
Complete ALL Challenges by Daemons.

Butterfly Costume:
Complete 2 endings.

Queen Costume:
Complete ALL 4 endings.

Tatoo Costume:
Complete the game.

Unlock Alternate Endings:
Complete the following tasks during gameplay to unlock the corresponding ending.

Ending A:
Do not perform an Armor Break on Ceria in Chapter 6. Finish the rest of the game as intended.

Ending B:
Perform an Armor Break on Ceria in Chapter 6. Break her armor again when she reappears in Chapter 11, then select the top dialogue option.

Ending C:
Same as Ending B except choose the bottom dialogue option.

Ending D:
Do not Armor Break Ceria again in Ch 11, defeat her as any other enemy in Chapter 11.

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