Deer Hunter 2 - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Code Effect
camera set fox Foxcam
dh2tracker Shows the Deer on the Map
dh2shoot Puts you into Shooting Range of the Nearest Deer
dh2deadeye Arrowcam
dh2honey Attracts Deer to Your Location
dh2circle Attachs You to a Deer
dh2sightin Sights in Your Weapon Without Target Range
dh2wright Fly Mode
dh2doolittle Won't Spook Animals
camera set deer1 Deercam
camera set player Huntercam
dh2flash Run Very Fast
dh2supaflash Run Even Faster
dh2thunder Makes it Thunder
dh2light Makes it Lightning
dh2rain Makes it Rain
dh2snow Makes it Snow
dh2blizzard Cycles Weather More Quickly
dh2deerzilla Giant Deer
camera set crow Crowcam
dh2sidewind Player Walks Only Toward Deer
dh2bulletcam Camera Follows Bullets
dh2supatracker Show Animals on Map
dh2friday13 Extra Blood
dh2swig Reduces Weapon Wobbling
dh2baddream Slow Bullets
dh2magicbullet Bullet Travels Straight with Camera
dh2shoedeal Hunter Never Gets Tired
dh2weatherstop Stop Weather
dh2showsights Show Weapon's Sight Status
dh2caddyshack Walk Around in the Target Range
dh2lightbulb ???
dh2snowmobile ???
dh2bandolier Never Reload
dh2rainbow ???
dh2flashlight ???
dh2honeybuns ???
dh2shootout ???
dh2snowman ???

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